Spotlight: Mister Fixer

MisterFixer01First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City
Who he is: The kung-fu master of the Multiverse’s Dark Watch.
Innate Power: Strike: Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 1 melee damage.
Primary Damage Type: Melee
Secondary Damage Type: Predominantly Projectile
Nemesis: The Chairman and Zhu Long



Deck Concept: Mr. Fixer only has one power, his innate power Strike. But Strike doesn’t do a lot—at first. You have to build on it and your attack cards. You have to—have to—play both a tool and a style to get the most out of Mr. Fixer’s deck. If you don’t have one or both of these cards in play, don’t attack. Draw an extra card. Harmony boosts your damage once Mr. Fixer has a tool and a style, so play Harmony as soon as you can. With that out of the way Mr. Fixer loves to manipulate damage despite not dealing a lot of it, so you have to choose your tool and style to fit the needs of the game.
Tools: Dual Crowbars gives Mr. Fixer a much needed boost, but Jack Handle can deal with crowds of villains. Hoist Chain reduces damage dealt to Mr. Fixer—which is a great thing if you’re facing The Matriarch or someone of her ilk—while the Pipe Wrench blends offense and defense—something most heroes have to play two cards for. Tire Iron is by far the most problematic tool.
Styles: Grease Monkey Fist gives Mr. Fixer a damage boost and can change his damage type, while Alternating Tiger Claw makes damage irreducible—good for shielded targets. Riveting Crane can make the damage of everybody on Mr. Fixer’s team irreducible. And Driving Mantis pairs defense with a little damage redirection.

MisterFixer02Deck Strength: Mr. Fixer can fix just about any situation. His damage flows like water from one sitch to the next.
Best Team Support Card: Grease Gun: Non-hero targets cannot deal damage. You may not use powers. You may not draw cards. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.

MrFixer01Best Personal Support Card: Dual Crowbars: Whenever Mr. Fixer deals damage, he may deal the same amount of damage to 1 other target as well. Increase damage dealt by Mr. Fixer by 1. When this card enters play, return any other tool cards in play to your hand.
Best Attack: Charge: Mr. Fixer deals 1 target 2 melee damage.

MrFixer02Deck Weakness: He doesn’t deal a lot of damage at first, and this flaw makes him sputter in the beginning of games. Once you get going, Mr. Fixer’s flexibility outweighs his failure to start on time. He relies a lot on ongoing cards, so any villain or environment effect that discards those types of cards would be detrimental, and he doesn’t have anything to destroy an ongoing or environment card.

MrFixer03Worst Card: Tire Iron: All damage dealt by Mr. Fixer is projectile damage. After Mr. Fixer damages a target, if that target has 2 or fewer HP, destroy it. When this card enter play, return any other tool cards in play to your hand.
Ultimate Team-up: Mr. Fixer needs damage boosts. Anyone who can give him that is good in his book. Legacy and Ra come to mind. He also grants plenty of bonuses to heroes who specialize in hitting a lot of targets: Chrono-Ranger and Fanatic. And his Salvage Yard boosts Bunker’s and Nightmist’s decks.