Spotlight: Expatriette

Expatriette02First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City
Who she is: The female Punisher of the Multiverse’s Dark Watch.
Innate Power: Load: Play a card.
Primary Damage Type: Projectile
Secondary Damage Type: Fire, Cold, and Lightning
Nemesis: Citizen Dawn and Citizen Slash




Deck Concept: You have two ways to play Expatriette’s deck, and you can’t split the difference between these two paths.
The first path: You could setup with a ton of guns, load them with ammo and damage boosts, and then play Unload during your power phase (using her innate power Load), and fire all of her guns. Keep in mind that despite Load counting as a power, having Pride on the field lets you use Prejudice for free. You gotta love going berserk with fully automatic weapons.
The second path: This one isn’t as dramatic, but you could use Speed Loading and any two ammo cards to recycle and play ammo for free. The only problem with this setup is that you run the risk of stalling without proper card draw. As with most things in Sentinels of the Multiverse you have to consider the other heroes on the field.

Expatriette03Deck Strength: Damage and lots of it. You definitely know what Expatriette’s specialty is. She doesn’t have a lot of global effect cards, but RPG Launcher does a nice job with its versatility.
Best Team Support Card: RPG Launcher: Destroy 1 ongoing or environment card. If you do, Expatriette deals up to 2 targets 2 fire damage each.Expatriette05Best Personal Support Card: Speed Loading: At the start of your turn, you may take 1 ammo card from your trash and put it on the top of your deck. At the start of your turn, you may play an ammo card.
Best Attack: Unload: This turn, you may use as many powers as you have guns in play.Expatriette01Deck Weakness: Card draw. Plain and simple. Expatriette has few ways of searching her deck, drawing extra card, or claiming cards from her discard pile, and she needs card draw in order to power her guns. She also only has one way of soaking damage, too. Flak Jacket guards against a single attack, so you have to guess when the big attack comes.

Expatriette04Worst Card: Shock Rounds: Play this card next to a gun card. When that card’s power is used to damage a target, Expatriette deals all non-hero targets 1 lightning damage. After that power is used, destroy this card.
Ultimate Team-up: Anyone who can give her card draw or boost her damage. I’m looking at you Legacy, Visionary, and Argent Adept.