Spotlight: Legacy

SotM_Legacy05First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who he is: Leader of the Freedom Five, Sentinels of the Multiverse’s main superhero group
Innate Power: Galvanize: Until the start of your next turn, increase damage dealt by heroes by 1.
Primary Damage Type: Melee
Secondary Damage Type: None
Nemesis: Baron Blade


Deck Concept: Legacy is the lovechild of Captain America and Superman, and his deck reflects those two influences. His Captain America side supports his teammates, while his Superman side can overpower his foes with a bevy of superpowers and allows him to function as the team’s tank, redirecting damage dealt to his teammates to himself.
Deck Strength: The Legacy deck is straightforward but can morph from support to dealing damage. Players can use this versatility to match the game’s flow.

Best Team Support Card: Inspiring Presence: Increase each hero’s maximum HP by 1/Increase damage dealt by heroes by 1.
Best Personal Support Card: Danger Sense: Prevent damage that would be dealt to Legacy by environment cards.
Best Attack: Flying Smash: Legacy deals up to 3 targets 3 melee damage each.
Deck Weakness: Most games Legacy should focus on helping others, he’s the Lebron James of the Sentinels of the Multiverse, but sometimes he should take the shot. It can be difficult to know when he needs to assume a particular role.

Worst Card: Surge of Strength: Increase damage dealt by Legacy by 1.
Ultimate Team-up: Legacy’s the leader of the team. He works well with just about anybody with his boosts to damage, health increases and card draw. Tempest, Fanatic, and Tachyon benefit a lot from Legacy’s power boosts as they have cards in their decks that deal small amounts of damage to a lot of targets. Players of Tachyon and the Wraith also enjoy the extra card draw as this game mechanic feeds into their decks. Any hero with a low HP loves Legacy’s tank ability. But Absolute Zero is the most interesting team-up. He doubles any damage boost he receives which means Legacy’s damage boosts are doubly delicious.