Spotlight: Fanatic

Fanatic01First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who she is: An angel of vengeance and a card carrying member of the Prime Wardens who protect the Multiverse from Akash’Bhuta.
Innate Power: Exorcism: Fanatic deals 1 target 1 melee damage and 1 radiant damage
Primary Damage Type: Radiant
Secondary Damage Type: Melee
Nemesis: Apostate

Deck Concept: Playing Fanatic’s deck is like playing with holy fire. She deals a heap of damage by giving herself damage, but any damage he receives could come back to haunt the villain. You have to save Fanatic from herself with Aegis of Resurrection before getting too crazy with damage cards. She also has some of the most ridiculous control cards in the game. Most notably, End of Days with its power: At the start of the environment turn, destroy all cards in play, except for the hero and villain character cards.

Fanatic02Deck Strength: Damage, damage, and more damage, but she does have some interesting support cards that can help her teammates—my favorites are Chastise and Embolden—that offer control. Even End of Days has its time, place, and perfect team-up. Fanatic’s deck feels like an all-or-nothing proposition. You’re either killing villains left and right or you’re out early game.
Best Team Support Card: Embolden: Play this card in front of a hero character card. That hero may use an additional power during their power phase. At the end of that hero’s turn, either Fanatic deals them 2 radiant damage or this card is destroyed.

Fanatic04Best Personal Support Card: Aegis of Resurrection: When Fanatic drops to 0 or fewer HP, restore Fanatic to 10 HP. Destroy this card.
Best Attack: Wrathful Retribution: Discard 3 cards. If you do, Fanatic deals 1 target X radiant damage, where X = Fanatic’s maximum HP minus her current HP.


Deck Weakness: Fanatic can be her own worst enemy. She almost needs someone who can heal her or can redirect damage from her at times. She also has a single point of failure to her deck. Aegis of Resurrection is an equipment card, and as such she can’t afford to lose it as a result of villain or environment card effects.
Worst Card: Brutal Censure: Fanatic deals 1 target 2 radiant damage. You may draw a card.

Fanatic03Ultimate Team-up: Visionary gives card draw and damage buff with her card Twisting the Ether, so she’s an obvious teammate for Fanatic. Legacy’s another one who works well with Fanatic. He damage buffs naturally, but he can also assume some of Fanatic’s damage, so she doesn’t knock herself out. Ra loves the extra power Fanatic’s Embolden, while Fanatic doesn’t mind the extra damage Ra’s Imbue Fire gives her. Then there’s Unity. Fanatic can play End of Days, destroy all ongoing cards, but Unity’s Bee Bot can discard an ongoing card like End of Days, so you can pick and choose which ongoing cards are destroyed, saving all the heroes’ equipment, while discarding all pesky environment and villain cards.