Spotlight: Bunker

First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base GameBunker03
Who he is: The Ironman of the Sentinels of the Multiverse’s main superhero team, the Freedom Five
Innate Power: Initialize: Draw a card.
Primary Damage Type: Projectile
Secondary Damage Types: Energy and Fire
Nemesis: Iron Legacy and Fright Train




Deck Concept: Draw a lot of cards and deal copious amounts of damage based on the fact that you’re drawing a lot of cards.
Deck Strength: Card draw and a lot of it. Bunker can even take himself out of the game—so to speak—with mode cards—you can find loop holes for these modes—so he can draw even more cards and charge up his bigger weapons. He can also negate a lot of damage as well.

Bunker04Best Team Support Card: Adhesive Foam Grenade: The environment deck cannot play cards on its next turn.
Best Personal Support Card: Ammo Drop: Whenever a villain card is destroyed, you may draw a card, even if a mode card says you cannot.
Bunker05Best Attack: Omni-Cannon: At the start of your turn, you may put up to 3 cards from your hand beneath this card. Destroy all cards beneath this card. Bunker deals 1 target X energy damage, where X = 2 times the number of cards destroyed. Although you could make a case for External Combustion or even Gatling Gun.
Deck Weakness: More so than most, Bunker needs equipment. Any villain or environment deck that targets equipment cards gums up Bunker’s mojo. And like most other heroes that use equipment cards, Bunker needs time to get set up, or else his attacks fall short of their potential. Even though he has energy and fire damage attacks, Bunker leans heavily on projectile damage. If you encounter a villain that’s immune to that damage type, he’ll be less than effective.
Bunker06Worst Card: Maintenance Unit: Bunker regains 2 HP.
Ultimate Team-up: Anybody who can give Bunker card draw and damage buffs works just fine with the Freedom Five’s answer to Ironman. Regardless of who he plays with Bunker needs to go last in the turn order, so he can benefit from his teammates and has plenty of time to prepare.