Spotlight: The Mighty Ra

Ra04First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who he is: He’s the Egyptian god of the sun, and also Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. So, he’s kind of like Marvel’s Thor.
Innate Power: Pyre: Ra deals 1 target 2 fire damage
Primary Damage Type: Fire
Secondary Damage Type: Projectile
Nemesis: The Ennead and Calypso



Deck Concept: Ra’s a simple god. He wants to deal fire damage and a lot of it. He doesn’t have much else going for his deck, but he doesn’t need much else. Start with The Staff of Ra to get his hit points up, and then get Imbued Fire in play (to get everyone else in on the fire damage game), followed by Flesh of the Sun God, so Ra’s immune to fire damage. Then you could add Solar Flare to increase Ra’s damage again and start fire blasting people.
Deck Strength: He causes a lot of damage, and he can aid his teammates with making some noise as well. And he has plenty of copies of The Staff of Ra in his deck as well as several ways for you to draw into The Staff of Ra.
Best Team Support Card: Imbued Fire: All fire damage is increased by 1. Change the damage type of damage dealt by heroes to fire. Power: Destroy this card.
Best Personal Support Card: The Staff of Ra: Increase all damage dealt by Ra by 1. Increase Ra’s maximum HP by 5. Power: Ra deals 1 target 3 projectile damage. Destroy this card.
Best Attack: Fire Blast: Ra deals 1 target 5 fire damage.
Deck Weakness: He doesn’t have a lot of ways to get rid of ongoing cards or have a way to heal or even negate damage outside of The Staff of Ra giving him 5 HP and Flesh of the Sun God. In fact, you almost have to hope that he’s going up against a villain that spews fire. Then there are some heroes who don’t like having their damage type changed, so Imbued Fire isn’t always the best choice.
Worst Card: Wrathful Gaze: Power: Destroy 1 target with 2 or fewer HP.
Ultimate Team-up: Ra loves it when he can perform more than one power per turn. Fanatic’s Embolden works well with Ra as it gives him fire damage, and so long as Flesh of the Sun God is in play, Fanatic’s drawback doesn’t affect Ra. Ra works well with Absolute Zero too, but you have to be careful with using Imbued Fire.