Spotlight: The Visionary

Visionary04First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who she is: She’s the time traveling adventurer with telekinetic and telepathic powers in the Multiverse.
Innate Power: Enlighten: 1 player draws 2 cards. Then discards 1 card.
Primary Damage Type: Psychic
Secondary Damage Type: Anything really
Nemesis: The Dreamer and Major Flay

Deck Concept: She’s the quintessential support member, but she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve. Her innate power Enlighten grants card draw to any teammate who needs it, but her main jam is dictating the flow of the game. Precognition allows her to mess with the villain deck. Prophetic Vision does the same for the environment deck. She can nullify damage from the environment with Mass Levitation, and the addition of Decoy Projection and Telekinetic Cocoon makes her an unlikely tank.

Deck Strength: Some people always have to be in control and that’s something The Visionary does really well in the game. Twist the Ether has several uses. You can reduce or increase damage and change damage type depending on the flow of the game. Absolute Zero can get the damage he needs to pull of his abilities. Ra can accept fire damage while immune to said damage with his Flesh of the Sun God.
Best Team Support Card: Twist the Ether: Play this card next to a target. Whenever that target would deal damage, the damage type changes to a type of your choice and is either reduced by 1 or increased by 1, your choice. If the target leaves play, destroy this card.

Visionary03Best Personal Support Card: Decoy Projection: 5HP: Whenever The Visionary would be dealt damage, redirect that damage to this card instead.
Best Attack: Wrest the Mind: Play this card next to a target. Whenever that target deals damage, you may redirect that damage to another target. If you do, The Visionary deals 2 psychic damage to that target and 2 psychic damage to herself. If the target leaves play, destroy this card.

Visionary02Deck Weakness: The Visionary doesn’t work in every scenario. If she doesn’t have a good target for Wrest the Mind or you need to kill something immediately, she won’t be that helpful. And between Brain Burn and Wrest the Mind, she deals a lot of damage on herself. Sometimes her control powers won’t help much—like against Spite who has few ongoing cards she can target—so you’ll have to find other ways for her to contribute. Twist the Ether is usually a safe bet for almost any battle. Finally, she can’t destroy environment cards. She can only manipulate them or negate their effectiveness. If you have an environment card in play, she can’t help to get rid of it.
Worst Card: Foresight: Power: Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. Put 1 in your hand, 1 on the top of your deck, and 1 on the bottom of your deck.

Ultimate Team-up: Anyone. The Visionary’s everyone’s buddy. Enlighten helps Tachyon and Absolute Zero get what they need from their deck. The aforementioned Twist the Ether has many uses. But if she’s teamed up with The Wraith or Tempest, she can lock down the villain deck.