Spotlight: Tempest

Tempest05First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who he or she is: He or she is an outer space alien version of Aquaman, and the Maeryninan Ambassador.
Innate Power: Squall: Tempest deals all non-hero targets 1 projectile damage.
Primary Damage Type: Projectile and Lightning
Secondary Damage Type: Cold and Any
Nemesis: Grand Warlord Voss, Iron Legacy, and Vyktor




Deck Concept: A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of everything. Tempest can deal damage when he has to, protect his teammates from damage, or even heal his teammates. You’ll pretty much have to gauge how the game’s going to know how best to use Tempest. Into the Stratosphere may slow down the villain, and Cleansing Downpour regenerates the hero team’s HP, but your teammates will love you for playing Reclaim from the Deep, which allows every player to move a card from their discard to the top of their deck.

Deck Strength: Tempest is the grand master flex of global damage. Many of his attacks—including his innate power—deal damage to all non-hero targets or to a lot of targets all at once. And did I mention that he can do just about anything? Well, he can. Let’s add stalling the villain deck and destroying ongoing cards to the mix too.

Best Team Support Card: Into the Stratosphere: Choose 1 villain card in play and put it on top of the villain deck.
Best Personal Support Card: Gene-Bound Shackles: Increase damage dealt by Tempest to the villain character card by 2.

Best Attack: Localized Hurricane: Increase damage dealt to Tempest by 1. Power: Tempest deals up to 2 targets 3 projectile damage each. You may draw 2 cards. Power: Destroy this card.
Deck Weakness: While you have some card draw with Tempest’s deck, you don’t get as much as you might like. His deck’s versatile, but you may have a hard time drawing into the card you need. Then there’s the issue with Tempest’s global damage. With global damage there comes little damage to each target. If your targets have armor—and a lot of them do–you could be in trouble.

Worst Card: Electrical Storm: At the start of your turn, Tempest deals each non-hero target 1 lightning damage.
Ultimate Team-up: Card draw is nice, but I’d go with anyone who boosts damage. A damage boost will make Tempest’s global attacks all the more lethal.