Spotlight: Absolute Zero

AbsoluteZero03First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who he is: The Iceman—sort of—of the Sentinels of the Multiverse’s main superhero group The Freedom Five
Innate Power: Thermodynamics: Absolute Zero deals himself 1 fire damage or 1 cold damage
Primary Damage Type: Cold
Secondary Damage Type: Fire
Nemesis: Iron Legacy and Proletariat

Deck Concept: This is a slow build deck. You need to start by playing Isothermic Transducer, so Absolute Zero can deal cold damage to a second target whenever he receives damage, and then get Null-Point Calibration Unit in play, so Absolute Zero can get the occasional heal. Finally, you concentrate on playing other cards that boost Absolute Zero’s cold damage, deal cold damage, and try to pull off Thermal Shockwave at least once.

AbsoluteZero02Deck Strength: Once it gets going Absolute Zero’s deck controls the board. Whenever villain cards deal him damage, he heals or redirects the damage to another non-hero target. As for the majority of the other cards, Absolute Zero has plenty of ways to deal consistent low cold damage with his permanent cards, and his innate power, Thermodynamics, serves as a great way to keep him in the game with a built in healing power.
Best Team Support Card: Sub-Zero Atmosphere: Any villain card which would act at the end of the villain turn instead acts at the start of the villain turn.
Best Personal Support Card: Nullpoint Calibration Unit: When Absolute Zero would take cold damage, regain that many HP instead.
AbsoluteZero01Best Attack: Thermal Shockwave: Absolute Zero deals up to 3 targets 1 cold damage each. Absolute Zero deals himself X fire damage, where X = the total amount of cold damage dealt by Absolute Zero this turn.
Deck Weakness: Absolute Zero needs at least two equipment cards—Nullpoint Calibration Unit and Isothermic Transducer—in play to work at all, so any villain or environment deck that focuses on discarding equipment cards would cripple Absolute Zero’s deck. He’s also attack type dependent as well. If anyone or thing changes the global or hero’s attack type, that could hose Absolute Zero. And he takes a while to set up, and you don’t always have the time to wait for Absolute Zero to get the right cards in play.
Worst Card: Glacial Structure: Draw 3 cards. Destroy this card.
AbsoluteZero04Ultimate Team-up: Absolute Zero needs help—a lot of help. Players should consider Absolute Zero as the target for most damage buffs in the game. Here’s looking at you, Legacy or even Argent Adept if he concentrates most of his buffs on Absolute Zero. Early card draw is nice to help Absolute Zero get set up, so Visionary’s a natural choice too. And The Might Ra’s an interesting choice. He boosts Absolute Zero’s damage by a ton, but Zero’s more likely to take damage himself.