Spotlight: Spite

Spite04First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City
Who he is: The performance enhancement drug serial killer (Bane) of Rook City
Initial Side: Transhuman Serial Killer
Innate Power (Initial Side): When Spite deals damage, he regains that much HP. At the end of the villain turn, play the top card of the villain deck. The, Spite deals the hero target with the highest HP (H), where H is equal to the number of heroes, minus 1 energy damage.
Advanced Power (Initial Side): At the start of the villain turn, Spite regains (H) plus 2 HP.
Villain Cards that Begin Game in Play: Safe House: When this card enters play, reveal cards from the top of the villain deck. Until a victim card is revealed. Put it into play. Shuffle the rest of the revealed cards back into the villain deck. When Spite flips to his “Drug-Wracked Monstrosity” side, he deals himself X toxic damage, where X = the number of cards under this card times 5. This card and cards under this card are indestructible. Cards under this card have no text.

Spite01How he flips to his other side: There are 5 drug cards in play.
Nemesis: The Wraith
Second Side: Drug-wracked Monstrosity
Innate Power (Second Side): Whenever a villain card would be played, instead Spite deals each hero target other than the hero target with the lowest HP 1 projectile damage.
Advanced Power (Second Side): When Spite flips to this side, he regains (H) times 5 HP. Reduce damage dealt to Spite by 1.

Spite02Most Fiendish Ongoing Card: PL531 Compound Upsilon: Increase damage dealt by Spite by 1 at the start of the villain turn, put (H) minus 2 hero ongoing and/or equipment cards back into their player’s hand. This card is indestructible. If this card would be put into the trash, put it into play instead.
Most Fiendish One-Shot Card: Lab Raid: Destroy all environment cards. Reveal cards from the top of the villain deck until X drug cards are revealed, where X = the number of environment cards destroyed by this card plus 1. Put the revealed drug cards into play. Shuffle the rest of the revealed cards into the villain deck.
Most Fiendish Villain Target Card: There aren’t any. Yay! Kinda.

Spite03How to Defeat Spite: You don’t want Spite to get all of his drug cards in play. Usually, you won’t be able to stop this from happening, but the Visionary’s “Suggestion” and “Brain Burn” could hold off the tide as they place cards from the villain’s trash on the top of the villain deck. Otherwise, you’re stuck with dealing Spite copious amounts of damage so his healing abilities don’t gain traction. For the most part, I’d avoid saving Victim cards. Sure, if you let Spite discard Victim cards, he regains HP, but mitigating this heal mechanic by saving Victim cards doesn’t typically outweigh the cost of saving Victims. Of course this is a case by case basis. If you’re playing with a forgiving environment deck, you may want to save Victims.