Spotlight: The Chairman

First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City
Who he is: The Kingpin of the Multiverse’s The Organization
Note: This villain is more of a two for one villain. The Chairman has a right-hand woman named The Operative, and we’ll discuss her first, since heroes can’t win while she’s still alive and kicking.
OperativeName: The Operative: Assassin
Initial Power: Whenever a villain card is destroyed, The Operative deals the hero with the highest HP (H), where H is equal to the number of heroes, minus 2 melee damage. At the end of the villain turn, reveal cards from the top of the villain deck until an underboss card is revealed. Put it into play. Shuffle the rest of the revealed cards back into the villain deck.


Advanced Power: Reduce damage to The Chairman and The Operative by 1.
Incapacited Side: Increase damage dealt by The Chairman by 1.
Advanced Power (Incapacited Side): At the end of the villain turn, The Chairman deals the hero with the highest HP (H) minus 2 melee damage.
Chairman04Name: The Chairman
Initial Side: Master of the Underworld
Innate Power (Initial Side): The Chairman is immune to damage.
Advanced Power (Initial Side): At the start of the villain turn, if there are any underbosses in the villain trash, flip The Chairman’s villain character cards
Villain Cards that Begin Game in Play: The Operative, and that’s enough.
How he flips to his other side: If there are at least 3 underbosses in the villain trash.
Nemesis: Mister Fixer
Second Side: Chairman Pike
Innate Power (Second Side): The Chairman is immune to damage from environment cards. Increase damage dealt by thugs by X. The first time The Chairman is dealt damage each turn, deal the source of that damage X melee damage. X on this card = (H) minus 2.
Advanced Power (Second Side): X on this card = (H)

TheChairman01Most Fiendish Ongoing Card: There are no ongoing cards outside of villain target cards.
Most Fiendish One-Shot Card: Prison Break: Put all of the underboss cards from the villain trash into play.
Most Fiendish Villain Target Card: The Muscle (8 HP): At the start of the villain turn, this card deals each hero target 2 melee damage. At the end of the villain turn, search the villain trash for a card named Enforcer. Put it into play.

TheChairman03How to Defeat The Chairman: You’re not really battling The Chairman as much as your taking on The Organization, and this villain works like taking down an organization. You have to defeat The Operative before you can take down The Chairman, but the underbosses beneath The Operative can cause plenty of problems, so you may want to wipe them out first. But then there’s also Thug cards—who are put into play by underbosses—that throw a wrench in the whole works.

TheChairman02Even though there is a hierarchy, take out The Operative as soon as you can. Once she’s gone, you may have to take care of underbosses and thugs with global damage effects before touching The Chairman. You may be thrown off of your game if enough underbosses and thugs enter the battlefield. In that case, you’ll have to take down a few of them before The Operative. Then, there’s the fact that thugs gain more damage when The Chairman flips—and he will flip over at some point—so you’ll want to eliminate any thugs in play after The Chairman flips. But The Operative is the key to victory.