Spotlight: Iron Legacy

IronLegacySentinelsOfTheMultiverseFirst Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Shattered Timelines
Who he is: The twisted version of the Freedom Five’s Legacy
Initial Side: Ironclad Tyrant
Innate Power (Initial Side): Iron Legacy is immune to environment damage. At the end of the villain turn, Iron Legacy deals each hero target 3 melee damage.
Advanced Power (Initial Side): All damage dealt by Iron Legacy is irreducible.
Villain Cards that Begin Game in Play: (H), where H is equal to the number of heroes, of ongoing cards from the villain deck.
How he flips to his other side: When he starts his turn with 20 or fewer HP.
Nemeses: Tachyon, Absolute Zero, Tempest, The Wraith, Unity, Bunker
Second Side: Motivated by Desperation

Iron Legacy and Rule from the Front

Innate Power (Second Side): Reduce damage dealt to Iron Legacy by 1. At the end of the villain turn, Iron Legacy deals the hero target with the lowest HP (H) minus 1 melee damage and regains (H) plus 1 HP.
Advanced Power (Second Side): The first time Iron Legacy would be dealt damage each turn, redirect that damage to the hero target with the highest HP.

Superhuman Redirection and Final Evolution

Most Fiendish Ongoing Card: Superhuman Redirection: The first time Iron Legacy would be dealt 5 or more damage from a single source each turn, redirect that damage to the hero target with the highest HP.
Most Fiendish One-Shot Card: Rule from the Front: Iron Legacy deals each non-villain target (H) minus 1 melee damage. Each player must either discard 2 cards or destroy 1 of their cards.
Most Fiendish Villain Target Card: His deck doesn’t have any villain target cards, but he doesn’t need any.

Vigilance and Galvanized

How to Defeat Iron Legacy: Don’t let Iron Legacy’s low HP count fool you. He delivers a wallop. You’ll have to mitigate the damage Iron Legacy deals you each turn—both his innate abilities and his ongoing villain cards. Keep in mind that Iron Legacy begins the game with some ongoing villain cards in play.

A player that can affect the villain deck (The Visionary or Omnitron-X) can help as can the ones that get rid of ongoing cards (Argent Adept as well as the aforementioned Visionary and Omnitron-X). Your team will need a healer, and Ra may help if you can convert all damage to fire damage, make him immune to fire damage and direct as much damage to him as you can.

You’ll need a lot of luck to defeat Iron Legacy. I’ve played as the Freedom Six (Iron Legacy’s arch-nemeses), and the game only took ten minutes. Each hero had single digit health points after Iron Legacy’s first turn, and we epically lost. A second game didn’t help matters either.

What works best – if there is anything – is assigning distinct roles to each hero. Treat a game against Iron Legacy like an MMORPG. Someone has to heal. Someone else has to deal damage. Another hero has to be the tank. A fourth hero has to contend with Iron Legacy’s auxiliary cards.

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