Spotlight: Omnitron-X

Omnitron-XFirst Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Shattered Timelines
Who it is: A humanoid form of Omnitron, the sentient computer of the Multiverse.
Innate Power: Timeshift: Reveal the top card of a deck. Put it into play or into the trash.
Primary Damage Type: Projectile
Secondary Damage Type: Energy, Fire, and Lightning
Nemesis: Omnitron & Omni-Blade
Deck Concept: Omnitron-X fiddles with time. His greatest abilities are the ones that begin with “at the start of your turn,” or “at the end of your turn.” Many of these abilities give him extra draw power or lets him play an additional card, often times giving Omnitron-X multiple turns to everyone else’s one. Slip Through Time and Electro-Deployment Unit are a must start.


Technological Advancements can help you find these cards and/or Omnitron-X’s plating cards. Plating cards are Omnitron-X’s best – and pretty much only – form of defense. Each plating card reduces damage Omnitron-X receives from different damage types:
Ablative Coating: Melee, Projectile, Toxic
Elemental Excochassis: Cold, Fire, Lightning, Energy
Temporal Shielding: Psychic, Infernal Radiant, Sonic


Keep in mind that environment cards can deal damage to you too, so you’ll have to determine which damage type and source will cause you the most problems in a game.
Omnitron-X does a little bit of everything. Disruptive Flechettes discards ongoing cards, Bio-Engineering Beam destroys environment cards, and OX’s innate power Timeshift can dictate the flow of the game. But OX’s main forms of damage, Singularity and Self Sabotage, involve him discarding equipment and component cards. Both of these cards don’t specify whose cards have to be discarded. OX can discard a fellow hero’s equipment, and if it’s facing Omnitron, OX can discard the villain Omnitron’s component cards for Self Sabotage’s effect.

Self Sabotage and Singularity
Deck Strength: A jack of all trades, Omnitron-X can fill a lot of holes a team of Sentinels may otherwise have, but it’s Omnitron-X’s abilities that allow it to draw and play extra cards that stands out.
Best Team Support Card: Disruptive Flechettes: Destroy up to 2 ongoing cards. Omnitron-X deals each non-hero target 2 projectile damage.
Co-Best Personal Support Card: Electro-Deployment Unit: At the start of your turn, either draw a card or play a card. If Omnitron-X is dealt 5 or more damage in one turn, destroy this card.
Co-Best Personal Support Card: Slip Through Time: At the end of your turn, you may play a card and you may use a power. At the start of your turn, destroy this card.

Slip Through Time and Electro-Deployment Unit
Best Attack: Singularity: Destroy any number of equipment cards. Omnitron-X deals each non-hero target X lightning damage, where X = the number of equipment cards destroyed by this card.
Deck Weakness: Omnitron-X doesn’t have a lot of HP and little to no defense. Additionally, if Omnitron-X receives 5 or more damage in a single turn, it’ll lose most of its components and equipment, and you’ll have to start its slow build from scratch.
Worst Card: Rocket Punch: Omnitron-X deals 1 target 2 projectile damage. Omnitron-X deals 1 target 1 projectile damage.

Omnitron-X and Ablative Coating
Ultimate Team-up: Omnitron-X will need a bullet-sponge. The Scholar and Legacy work well as this type of ally. Bunker is another good ally as Omnitron-X can feed Bunker cards. Unity makes another good partner, since Omnitron-X can place her golems into play. Also try combinations with Chrono Ranger and his bounties, and Nightmist and her spells.

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