Spotlight: Baron Blade

BaronBlade01First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Base Game
Who he is: He plays Lex Luthor to Legacy’s Superman—sort of.
Initial Side: Terralunar Impulsion Beam Inventor
Innate Power (Initial Side): At the start of the villain turn, if the villain trash has 15 or more cards in it, Baron Blade’s Terralunar Impulsion Beam activates, dragging the Moon into the Earth. Game over.
Advanced Power (Initial Side): At the end of each villain turn, put the top card of the villain deck into the villain trash.



Villain Cards that Begin Game in Play: Mobile Defense Platform (10 HP): Baron Blade is immune to damage.
How he flips to his other side: When he reaches 0 or fewer HP.
Nemesis: Legacy

BaronBlade02Second Side: Vengeful Mad Scientist
Innate Power (Second Side): At the end of the villain turn, Baron Blade deals the hero target with the highest HP 4 energy damage
Advanced Power (Second Side): Reduce damage dealt to Baron Blade by 1.

BaronBlade03Most Fiendish Ongoing Card: Backlash Field: The first time Baron Blade is dealt damage each turn, he deals 3 lightning damage to the source of that damage. Whenever Baron Blade is dealt 5 or more damage in a single turn, put the top card of the villain deck into the villain trash.
Most Fiendish One-Shot Card: Consider the Price of Victory!: Each player discards 1 card and Baron Blade deals each hero target 2 sonic damage. Put as many cards from the top of the villain deck into the villain trash as the total number of cards discarded this way.

BaronBlade05Most Fiendish Villain Target Card: Mobile Defense Platform (HP 10): Baron Blade is immune to damage.
How to Defeat Baron Blade: Baron Blade is the prototypical video game villain where when you deal him enough damage, he takes a different form and players have to take another strategy to defeat him.

At first, Baron Blade wants you to discard his villain deck. This is when he’s most dangerous. If he gets 15 cards in his trash before he flips over, he wins. You have only two choices to stop this. 1) Use the Visionary’s cards “Suggestion” or “Brain Burn” to put cards from the villain trash into the villain deck, or 2) Deal enough damage in a hurry to get Baron Blade to transform to his second state.

Blade isn’t too difficult to wear down, so option number one isn’t a necessity, but don’t dilly dally with him.