One hill down

Kyle: Writing

I had a productive week of writing trios of flash fiction (triplets) and even some poetic suites; 30-40 pages to be exact. Now I have enough material for a poetry chapbook and several fiction ones, but I have a suspicion that I won’t like what I wrote in another week or two. I tend to be my worst critic. But that may be hyperbole.

I also don’t know how I follow up last week’s production with this upcoming week. I’ll find a way to shake off the doubt and put my head down.

Kyle: Games

I came up with a few new wrinkles for older games, so there may be something new in the works. I brainstormed toward those ends the past couple of days. I even heard from a board game agent—I didn’t know there was such a thing a month or two ago—and they said that they’d like to see a video of “Wildflowers.” Fingers crossed.

That’s all I have for this week. We’ll be back tomorrow and the rest of the tomorrows this week with some new writeups. Be kind to one another and stay geeky.

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