A New Beginning

New design? Check. New content design? Check. Looks like the site’s ready for launch. Here goes nothing.


It’s been a little while since Jim and I updated the site, so I guess this is the first of the new blogs. Sorry it’s not better, but we’ve been a little busy washing our non-existent hair.

Okay. I’m just jealous of the hair Jim has; he’s still holding on to some tufts. I’m the one rocking the Patrick Stewart or Vladimir Putin. I hear bald can be sexy, but that may be a lie someone fed me to make me feel better about my scalp eating its own follicles.

As you can tell—or not tell—we have a new look and new types of content. Don’t worry. We’ll still talk about all things Geekly, but we’re steering away from straight up reviews—for the most part—for something marginally different.

We may take deeper looks at some things with articles like “My favorite ‘fill-in-the-blank’” and “Unpopular Opinions,” take a quick overview of certain topics with “3 Lists of 3,” and introduce newcomers of various Geekly hobbies with “For Starters.” Heck, we might even throw in some Geekly News at the end of the week. Who knows? We’ll throw things on the wall and see what slithers onto the floor.

But we’ll get to those articles throughout the coming days and weeks.