Top 5 Sentinels of the Multiverse Heroes

We’ve covered many of the Sentinels of the Multiverse heroes, so I guess we should give our picks for the top 5 heroes. Just to make things interesting let’s limit the number of heroes from a particular expansion, base game or promo to one, that way we don’t end up with a lot of base game heroes. If you’ve been reading our spotlight series on the Sentinels of the Multiverse, you’ll know that many heroes in the base game are overpowered, so they’d dominate this list.

As a result, there’s a lot of heroes that didn’t make our list that I wouldn’t mind adding. Tempest can own any villain, Legacy and The Visionary make our best teammates but miss this list, and despite my love for the double-edged sword of Fanatic’s mechanisms, I had to include a different hero from the base set.


5) Mister Fixer

Rook City’s own Mister Fixer leads off our list. Even though his contemporary Expatriette is a damage machine, Mister Fixer has the versatility to burn. He can manipulate the type of damage he deals, handles other threats that arise, and consistently deals damage each turn.

Sure, he doesn’t deal a lot of damage and can get bogged down with enemy shielding, which renders him less than effective, but of the two heroes from the Rook City expansion, he’s the Swiss Army Knife.


4) The Scholar

We skipped the Shattered Timelines expansion heroes because it’s too hard to pick between the overpowered Omnitron-X and the “I hit once and then I hit you harder” Chrono Ranger. Instead, we’re going with the promo card hero, The Scholar. Like Mister Fixer before him, The Scholar has several ways to help out his team, but he’s best known for damage control.

The bearded one can reduce copious amounts of damage applied to him and then redirect all damage his teammates would receive to himself. It’s always nice to have a shield, especially when you have an injury prone hero like Fanatic on the team.


3) Setback

I love game mechanisms that have you give up something for something else—too bad Fanatic didn’t make the list—so Setback’s a must add. Crashing on the Sentinels scene in Vengeance, Setback has you discarding cards from your hand or dealing damage to him in order to power up his attacks or fuel his other abilities.

Unlike a lot of other heroes that incorporate mechanisms that force you to push your luck, Setback can target ongoing cards and help out his teammates in many other ways. His large amount of health points also allows him to absorb the misfortunes he’ll encounter.


2) The Wraith

I went back and forth between The Wraith and Fanatic from the base game. I like Fanatic for the same reason I like Setback, but The Wraith is too good not to make the list. Tempest might be slightly more powerful and dependable, but so long as The Wraith doesn’t encounter a villain or environment card that causes her to discard in-play equipment cards, she can do anything.

Most early games our group played of Sentinels had someone playing as The Wraith. The Rook City expansion couldn’t stop The Wraith from making the table, Infernal Relics slowed her down, and Shattered Timelines made it so she made an appearance every other game. Even now, someone will ask to play her if she hasn’t made a game in a while.

You just can’t beat a female Batman…or can you?


1) NightMist

The second expansion, Infernal Relics, slowed down The Wraith because it introduced NightMist. This magical, mystery woman incorporated massive damage, a touch of versatility, and the push your luck mechanism that I love so much.

Unfortunately, NightMist can deal damage to her entire team when her abilities backfire. I won’t lie. It sucks when NightMist’s abilities get the best of her. But she can take out a villain in one turn or fully heal a teammate that’s close to death.

The rewards far outweigh the risks and there are ways to minimize the risks. Omnitron-X allows you to look at the top card of any deck, so you’ll have few surprises when NightMist’s abilities explode—and they will explode.

Did we get the list right? Let us know how we did and feel free to give us more ideas for future Top Fives.

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