The Flash Secrets: May 8, 2015

Revolving Door Policy

Iris just strolled into STAR Labs to visit Team Flash this week. Seriously? Did no one see her descend hundreds of floors? That’s lax security for a place housing a lot of ill-tempered, meta-humans.


Coast City

We get another mention of Green Lantern’s home town this week.


So, Eddie Thawne’s Forgotten by History

That sounds a lot like Booster Gold and the Carter Family, to an extent. Booster Gold was “forgotten by history” because all his kin joined the police force and protected cities for thousands of years. There was only one “black sheep” of the Carter Family, a young man who would become known as “Booster Gold.” Booster Gold was the only documented Carter to have ever been a fraud, a failure and a fool. Those last couple of lines came from the comics and its description matches what Eboard said of Eddie in The Flash but in reverse.

I mentioned at the beginning of the season that Geoff Johns, The Flash’s executive producer and former writer of the Booster Gold comic, wanted to include Booster Gold, who has yet to appear in more than the occasional episode in previous DC Comics TV shows. We’ll have to see what happens but things are looking good for the “glory hound” Booster Gold—and Gold’s glory hound-ness could stem from Eddie trying to make his mark in history.


I like Cisco’s pop references and “Grodd Lives” gave us plenty of them. Every other line out of his mouth was a reference to one movie or another.

(In regards to Grodd’s mind possession) “You’ve seen the Exorcist, right?”

(Planet of the Apes) “I think we all know what happens when an intelligent ape gets pissed at humans.”

(After witnessing sewer water shake from Grodd’s movements) “I’m not that easy to scare because I’ve seen Jurassic Park.”

Then there were the name drop references: C.H.U.D.S., ROUSes (The Princess Bride), Goldfinger, and of course a few King Kongs.

Grodd climbing a tall building at the end of this episode was yet another King Kong reference.


This secret organization got name dropped again, and we didn’t even get a cameo from John Diggle or Lyla Michaels. A.R.G.U.S. has to become a bigger player next season for both The Flash and Arrow.

If you didn’t catch our Flash-Arrow spin-off preview, here’s the link.

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