Arrow Secrets: May 8, 2015


Roy Harper as Jason

So, Roy picked the name Jason as his alias. That’s interesting because Roy Harper is currently paired with Jason Todd, the second Robin and current Red Hood, in the comics. The two have fought side-by-side since the start of the New 52 in 2011. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Amina Raatko

Arrow grabbed Nyssa’s origin from the source material, sort of. In the comics, Nyssa was the illegitimate child of Ra’s and his mistress Raatko (the same name of Nyssa’s mother in this week’s episode), who wasn’t part of the League. This separation from the League allowed Nyssa to grow up as a normal child, who heard stories of her great father from her mother. Eventually, Nyssa sought out Ra’s and then she joined the League. That kind of sounds like Thea’s path as an assassin. Hmm.



Here we go. We finally got to see Tatsu don her Katana costume and like the comics, her family (her husband and son) is dead. I don’t know if Arrow will go this route (with Maseo) but Tatsu did take her husband and son’s souls by driving her enchanted sword, the Soultaker, into their flesh. By taking people’s souls, Katana can commune with their spirits. That sounds a little far-fetched for the world of Arrow but you never know.


Ibn al Ghul

In this week’s episode, Ra’s called the future offspring of Nyssa and Ollie “Ibn al Ghul,” which means Son of the Demon. This might be a stretch but Arrow had to be thinking of the Kingdom Come storyline where Batman and Talia had a son named Ibn al Xu’ffasch or Son of the Bat. That same kid was also named Damian Wayne and the other child introduced in this season of Arrow (through Ra’s’ long monologue last week) was named Damien. That can’t be a coincidence, can it?

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