The Flash Review – “Grodd Lives”


Kyle’s Review

“Grodd Lives” delivered on the psychic, super-intelligent gorilla front but The Flash fell short in a lot of other ways this week. The acting was over-the-top for many of the characters but none were as onion-strong as Iris. She channeled her inner Season One Laurel.

I get the angle The Flash took (with Iris), even though I wonder how it took her this long to figure out that everyone was lying to her, but her tears were larger than her eyes, and I’d believe her getting an echo of the alternate timeline (when Cisco died), giving credence to Cisco’s timeline echoes, before I believe her figuring out Barry’s identity by means of static electricity. I shared (visible and audible) static electricity with my wife Jen before, so she must be The Flash. She’s hidden her identity so well. I suggested Iris figuring out Barry’s secret by means of a timeline echo last week because I wanted to trust The Flash’s writer’s room. Thanks for upholding that trust, guys. This was far worse.

Going beyond the painful choices above, we were treated to a lot of bizarre choices. Why would the Central City Police Department have the Ice Cream Truck (that secretly held gold bullion) play its music? I’d think Detective West would’ve pictured children walking up to the disguised, armored van ahead of time. And humans can survive two months without food? I get that Wells is from the future – and this might be possible – but humans have been on this planet for millennia and we haven’t evolved to the point where we no longer need nourishment. Mahatma Gandhi once survived 21 days without food but that’s a far cry from two months. This sounds like the staff didn’t realize how long humans can live without sustenance.

But the meaty part of “Grodd Lives” was Grodd himself. I loved how Grodd played out, even if I question our last glimpse of him in this episode. Grodd can be a very goofy character, but The Flash has done a great job with their special effects, and this week was no exception.


“Grodd Lives” gave us the psychic gorilla goods but some of The Flash’s other elements fell a bit flat.

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