The Flash Secrets: March 20, 2015


Mark Mardon Madness

Weather Wizard was the villain in The Flash debut but if you listened closely to some of the dialogue, you would’ve known that Clyde—the Weather Wizard from the pilot—was on the lamb with his brother Mark. It looks like Mark has similar powers to his younger brother but they’re more accurate.

This story arc of Wizard brothers parallels comic book history. Mark became the Weather Wizard after finding his scientist brother dead of a heart attack. He discovered his brother’s notes on controlling the weather using a wand.


The Weather Wand—But in Reverse

Sure, the TV show turned both Weather Wizards into metahumans but in the comics, Mark Mardon needs a weather wand to control the weather. The show tips its hat to the classic Weather Wizard by having Cisco craft an anti-weather wand.


Here’s Eobard

We’ve known Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash for quite some time, but this week one of the main characters found out and paid for the knowledge with his life. I’m not sure if Cisco’s going to stay a root inspector—comic characters have a knack for not saying dead—but we also learn Wells’ real name, Eobard Thawne. I gave a fist pump when I heard Eobard as he’s the one most closely linked with the Reverse-Flash from the pre-New 52 DC Comics Universe.

In the comics, Eobard is insane, while the show’s Eobard portrays him as a man lost in time and willing to do anything to get home.


Speed Mirage

The idea of using speed to create a mirror image of yourself was referenced early in this week’s episode as a possible reason why Barry saw himself, and then Zoom actually used it.

Let’s do the time warp

Well, Barry has gone back in time, before most of the pivotal moments in this week’s episode. That means that Cisco is still alive and Barry could save him. Captain Singh hasn’t been struck by lightning. And Iris and Barry haven’t kissed—which also means that Barry hasn’t told her his secret.

We’ll have to see what next week holds.

Head back to our Flash review here.

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