Arrow Secrets: March 20, 2015


Was that a Murmur we heard?

Tonight’s Arrow villain Murmur is actually a Flash villain but he was deemed too dark for the show. Murmur works better with Arrow and yet the TV version of the villain is still tamer than the one in the comics. Arrow’s version of Murmur has him sew his lips together. The Flash comic has Murmur cut out his tongue and then sew his mouth shut. The comic Murmur also doesn’t have a thing against cops. He’s a serial killer, short and sweet—or not so sweet.

We’ll have to see if Arrow’s Murmur inherits his comic book namesake’s knack for escaping prison.

Captain Lance and Arrow

So Captain Lance had a falling out with Arrow. How long before Lance comes after Ollie? We’ve mentioned it before in these pages—Captain Lance chooses not to know Ollie’s secret because he doesn’t want to know it, which is kind of like Commissioner Gordon and Batman—but since he knows that Roy Harper is Arsenal, Lance has to know that Ollie’s Arrow. What’s keeping Lance from throwing Ollie in jail?

Roy has a name

This week’s episode was the first time Arrow called Roy by his nickname, Arsenal. I guess it’s official. Roy has his sidekick name.


Lazarus Pits

We had another official name drop in this week’s episode. The Lazarus Pits do exist in the DC Comics TV Universe. You might think that this is a small thing, but the presence of a Lazarus Pit means that Sarah could be brought back from the dead.

CW has plans for an Arrow/The Flash spinoff next Fall. One of the rumors has Sarah rising from the dead. This might be how she does it.

Here’s our review of this week’s Arrow. Enjoy.

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