The Awesomes Review: “The Gayfather”


Kyle’s Review

The Awesomes packed a lot into twenty minutes. Most of what happened worked but there were some forced moments. The villain of the week, the titular “Gayfather,” worked for the most part. Frantic gets dumped and dates a supervillain who wants to make people who are in the closet come out of the closet whether they want to or not by irradiating the water supply so that all gay people glow blue. This story shines a light on how some folks can focus too much on one thing and not see the bigger picture. Frantic lectures the Gayfather and his Gay Mafia that you can’t force people to come out of the closet before they’re ready and that’s why they must be stopped, while Impresario admits that’s a bad thing but insists that irradiating and killing hundreds of thousands of people might be a little worse than some people getting outed. The Gayfather portion of the story worked for me but the other half to this week’s The Awesomes fell a little short.

Mr. Awesome wants Perfect Man out of the way, in order for him to do some evildoing at Awesome Mountain, so he ships Prock and Perfect Man off on a road trip to retrieve some incriminating evidence. Okay, that works. Then, we’re shoved Perfect Man’s backstory and how never knew his parents. That was a little rushed but I didn’t mind it. And then we’re left with a reveal at the end (no spoilers here) that goes against everything we knew about some characters. That was forced and somewhat predictable. Anyone who follows The Awesomes could guess what the big reveal would be—it was that choreographed. Still, I liked “The Gayfather” well enough despite its hiccups, and The Awesomes are chugging along to another solid season. “The Gayfather” did end in a great place: Dr. Malocchio’s back on Earth and he knows he’s going to be a grandfather. Things should heat up next week.

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