Bob’s Burgers Review: “The Hauntening”


Kyle’s Review

We’ve had some more technical difficulties so our reviews are a little behind again but let’s get to it.

I released a sigh of contentment after watching “The Hauntening.” Bob’s Burgers needed the shot in the arm that a great Halloween episode can prodive and “The Hauntening” had just about everything you’d want.

Louise laments that it’s Halloween and she can’t get scared. Come to think of it, she was the only one cheering when a candy cane truck ran the Belchers off the road. Anyway, Bob and company come to the rescue. I won’t say how they make a haunted house work (no spoilers here) but they do and it leads to some great belly laughs.

I love it when Bob’s Burgers uses plenty of puns, play on words, and Gene spouts nonsensical phrases. They haven’t done that too much this season but they made up for lost time. I won’t spoil too much but here are some of the better jokes:
Breaking Radish Burger (Ah, Breaking Bad)
Linda greeting the kids at the haunted house: “Nice to creep you. Allow me to introboo myself.”
Gene (on turning the tables on his parents): We’ll turn them from parents into scarents.
Gene (after a jump scare and terrifying vision in a bedroom): That’s not a good use of that room.
Gene (after someone said an interior door slammed because of inside wind): I know about inside wind…sorry about that one, guys.

Often, Louise finds herself alone—in fact, she likes being alone most of the time—but shows like “The Hauntening” prove that Louise needs and loves her family. So we got laughs and the show ended with a heartwarming family hug and a Boys 4 Now music video and sing along. Nice job, Bob’s Burgers, nice job. “The Hauntening” is by far the best episode of this early season.

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