Blindspot Review: “Split the Law”


Kyle’s Review

While this week’s mystery was okay, Blindspot’s ham fisting of CIA versus FBI was a little much. We even heard dialogue explaining that the FBI works cases within the United States, and the CIA works cases outside the USA. Thanks for that, Blindspot. The best part about “Split the Law” is that Jane Doe’s tattoos could prove as evidence of government corruption. Who else could orchestrate the elaborate nature of Jane’s tats? I’m sure we’ll find out and Jane’s point of origin may be more complex than Blindspot first let on.

I don’t know if I buy in fully with Jane’s complex past. It’s as if Blindspot knows it’ll have to make things murky to justify a series. Sure, you could spend a season figuring out Jane’s cryptic body art, but what happens when you’ve figured out everything? Blindspot hasn’t gotten too convoluted yet but I can see it heading in that direction.

I’ll keep watching until Blindspot gets too silly. I like Michael Gaston as the head CIA agent, Thomas Carter, but Sullivan Stapleton (Agent Weller) needs to show more range. There were moments during previous episodes where I thought Weller was opening up a smidge but Stapleton went back to scowling and emoting an FBI agent with a troubled past and family life. Blindspot has some potential—especially with Jaimie Alexander’s performance—but I’d like to see more from the rest of the cast and “Split the Law” was a small step back in that regard.

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