Spotlight: Rook City

RookCity01First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Rook City
Where it is: The Gotham City or the Sin City of the Multiverse.
Primary Damage Type: Melee
Secondary Damage Type: Projectile and Toxic




Deck Concept: Pick on the heroes with an endless supply of buffs for the villains and debuffs for the heroes. Throw in a few global effects that hurt the heroes only, but let one global card Toxic Sludge affect all targets. Give the heroes some control over the villain and environment decks and serve with a healthy dose of kick the heroes’ butt.
Biggest Global Effect: Toxic Sludge: At the end of the environment turn, this card deals each target with at least 4 HP 2 toxic damage, then deals each target with at least 10 HP 3 toxic damage. At the start of the environment turn, each player may discard 1 card to destroy 1 environment card.
Worst Card (for the Heroes): Scum and Villany: At the end of the environment turn, play the top card of the villain deck. At the start of the environment turn, the villain character card deals each hero target (H) (H = number of heroes) minus 1 melee damage and destroys this card.

RookCity02Oddest Way to Win (Achievement Time): Falling Statuary: When this card enters play, this card deals the target with the second lowest HP 3 irreducible projectile damage. At the end of the environment turn, destroy this card.
How to Escape: Toxic Sludge hurts everyone, while Twisting Back Alleys and Blighted Streets stall the heroes. Grin and bear the latter two by playing extra villain cards or not dealing damage with a hero (sounds like a job for Argent Adept or Visionary), and let Toxic Sludge run rampant for a turn or two so long as you have healing (again Argent Adept). Keep Tony Taurus and Dr. Tremata in the game as long as they make sense for you to do so (this means accepting more damage from the villain), but make sure you take out the Ambitious Racketeer as soon as you can.