Spotlight: Argent Adept

ArgentAdept05First Appearance: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Infernal Relics
Who he is: The magical musician of the Multiverse’s Prime Wardens.
Innate Power: Vocalize: Activate a Perform text.
Primary Damage Type: Fire, Cold and Sonic
Secondary Damage Type: None
Nemesis: Akash’Bhuta and Ruin
Deck Concept: The Argent Adept is the best support character in Sentinels of the Multiverse. You have to have time to create beautiful music, but if you can build a chain of instruments and commit yourself to a supporting role, The Argent Adept can be one of the most dominant heroes. The best part about Argent Adept is that his Perform and Accompany abilities don’t count as powers. He uses his powers on his instruments and then his instruments grant him multiple effects. Argent Adept can adapt to any situation except for one where he has to deal a lot of damage himself.

ArgentAdept01He can boost the team’s attack. Inspiring Supertonic gives him the use of any power on the board with its perform ability, while it also heals Argent Adept with its accompany ability. Alacritous Subdominant allows a player to play an additional card which is always nice and is a step up from Inventive Preparation’s accompany ability that doesn’t allow Argent Adept to play a card himself. You could Perform Alacritous Subdominant and Accompany Inventive Preparation for double duty but beware of villain cards that punish heroes for playing cards. Syncopated Onslaught’s Perform buffs two targets but this effect pales in comparison to Legacy’s global power Galvanize. Still, there are advantages to selecting which heroes gain a boost. NightMist anyone?

Argent Adept also has plenty of defensive abilities. Rhapsody of Vigor can heal every hero and hero card to include Unity’s Golems and Visionary’s Decoy Projection. You could even use this ability to heal an environment target that hurts villain targets or even a villain target you wouldn’t mind keeping around. Talk about versatile. Counterpoint Bulwark’s Perform ability can shield the hero targets with the highest and lowest HP since they are usually the ones that receive the most damage. And Inspiring Supertonic’s Accompany ability can turn the Argent Adept into a bullet sponge.

ArgentAdept02The rest of the cards range from getting rid of ongoing or environment cards to control to card draw. There are too many of these to name, so let’s get started with how you’re going to play. When you start a game as Argent Adept you have to begin with one of your songs, so you can perform. You’ll want a song that gives you plenty of options. Once that’s done Arcane Cadence and Instrumental Conjuration will help you get another two or three songs and a couple of instruments in play. After you have a fair amount of songs and instruments, Polyphoric Flare and Alacritous Subdominant really shine. You can chain one power after another until you’ve just about used all of Argent Adept’s abilities. Consider using Alacritous Subdominant near the end of the chain as it gets discarded when used, and if you have Silver Shadow in hand with Arcane Cadence on the board, you can play the card you just drew. It’s all about free actions.

ArgentAdept03Deck Strength: Free actions. Free actions. Free actions. And versatility.
Best Team Support Card: Alacritous Subdominant: Perform: One player may play 1 card now. Accompany: You may use a power now. If you do, destroy this card.
Best Personal Support Card: Inspiring Supertonic: Perform: One player may use a power now. Accompany: The Argent Adept regains 2 HP.
Best Attack: Cedistic Dissonant: Perform: Destroy an instrument. If you do, destroy any 1 card in play, other than a character card. Accompany: Discard 2 cards. Draw 3 cards.

ArgentAdept04Deck Weakness: It takes a while for this deck to get going and you can’t deal much damage with Argent Adept. If you’re at all impatient, you’re in for a long game.
Worst Card: Syncopated Onslaught: Perform: Select up to 2 targets. Until the start of your next turn, increase damage dealt by those targets by 1. Accompany: The Argent Adept deals 1 target 1 sonic damage.

ArgentAdept01Ultimate Team-up: Just about anyone works. You’ll just have to factor in the best card or cards for a given hero or team composition. Counterpoint Bulwark works well with damage redirection. Inspiring Supertonic allows you to use a power twice, so this goes well with Legacy’s Galvanize power. As mentioned before, you may want to stick with Syncopated Onslaught instead of Galvanize if you want to pick and choose who gets the boost. Unity loves Argent Adept’s Alacritous Subdominant which allows her to get golems into play faster and Rhapsody of Vigor that gives her golems a boost.