Heroes Reborn Review: “Under the Mask”


Kyle’s Review

The thick plottens with Heroes Reborn’s latest episode “Under the Mask.”

This entire episode spent its time trying to tie together the disparate parts to Heroes Reborn’s story in a slip knot. I don’t know if it succeeded at doing even that. I’m sure there’s plenty more going on behind the scenes but here’s what we know so far. (These might be slight spoilers for those of you behind in the mini-series but I don’t think they’re too big. Heroes Reborn is holding back a lot so little makes much sense.) Molly, the young lady who can locate other evolved humans, gets kidnapped and a mysterious corporation jacks into her mind so that anyone who owns a pair of computer glasses can spot an Evo from a mile away. Claire might be dead or in hiding or dead and in hiding. Somehow the high school boy plays a role in saving humanity but it isn’t as simple as “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” The Latino superhero runs into more Evos—both enemies and friendlies. And Zachary Levi portrays the new burning man—er, the guy who can explode. Maybe.

“Under the Mask” ended with so many cliffhangers that I’m not sure which threads—if any—I need to hold and I know I missed at least a few more like the Japanese lady wielding Hiro Nakamura’s katana. The sad thing is that most of these threads would make a decent story if only two or three were used but I’m left drinking a carton of milk in two seconds flat, and the majority of the story’s curdling on my shirt. You’d have to watch “Under the Mask” a few times to catch everything and I don’t think there’s that many people who’d take the time.

If Heroes Reborn can’t clean up this mess in a timely fashion, I may have to stop watching and reviewing it. The solution doesn’t have to be a simple slogan like “Save the cheerleader, save the world,” but something needs to tie these characters together and soon.


Heroes Reborn “Under the Mask” ended with one mell of a hess. Viewers should question where characters’ loyalties lie but they shouldn’t question what’s going on in every other scene.

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