Blindspot Review: “Eight Slim Grins”


Kyle’s Review

Blindspot plugged along with “Eight Slim Grins.” The cast are sliding into their roles, the story solidified Jane Doe’s connection with Agent Weller, and the secret organization gets bigger, while remaining secret.

Is it just me or has Weller had more of a response to Jane Doe, and the fact that she is the lady he thought she was, than he has to his own family? I kind of hoped Weller was wrong because I don’t see how ruining Weller’s father could possibly fit into the new world order’s plans. That’s what we’re dealing with here, right? Some uber-secret organization, pulling everyone’s strings, purposefully dropped Jane Doe into Weller’s lap. Actually, Weller’s name is tattooed on Jane Doe’s back, so this group is taunting Agent Weller.

I have to be honest and say that this week’s baddie faded in my memory. I had to watch parts of “Eight Slim Grins” a second time to recall that Team Jane Doe was tailing a crew of jewel thieves. The focus was less on these jewel thieves and more about people from Jane Doe’s past. The guy who trained Jane was shot and killed, and the guy from the jewel heist crew, who Team Jane Doe caught, had a link to Jane’s past and died by the end of the episode. At this rate, Jane will never find out who she is, or will she? She is the girl from Agent Weller’s childhood.

I’m sure Blindspot will add some more folks from Jane’s past to fill the void between now and when she was ten. Until then, I’ll keep watching this guilty pleasure. The action should intensify, now that Jane won’t be shackled to Agent Weller’s car, and Weller isn’t as wooden as he was in the first two episodes.


Blindspot continues to improve but it severed the only link to Jane’s past—that Jane knows of—and I hope the show doesn’t devolve into Jane learning one face or name and then that person dies as soon as she encounters them. I’ll give Blindspot a chance because it can be a lot of fun.

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