The Awesomes Review: “The Dames of Danger”


Kyle’s Review

The Awesomes paused the main story arc this week—as they’re oft to do this time of the season—and also split up the boys and girls. Even though Mr. Awesome and Dr. Malocchio didn’t make physical appearances in “The Dames of Danger,” they were present because this episode was all about the relationships parents and children share.

Livewire misses her father, Dr. Malocchio, and learns that her mother is one of the episode’s titular Dames of Danger. Livewire’s pregnant with Prock’s child—yet another level of parenthood explored—and reluctantly joins her mother and her cronies on a secret mission to stop Backstory. Yes. The villain of the week’s name is Backstory and we get a long, drawn out backstory for our villain. That’s so meta.

I love that “The Dames of Danger” receive their orders from a shrouded man a la Charlie’s Angels but The Awesomes give that formula a twist by having the mysterious man wire every women’s room in the world. In true Awesomes style, the Dames of Danger’s leader gets apprehended for installing cameras in every ladies’ room in the world.

“The Dames of Danger” didn’t add much to the main story arc this week but we’re left with some pretty big revelations that should ripple through the team in the coming weeks.


“The Dames of Danger” was a solid episode but it didn’t add much to the main story arc. We’ll have to wait another week or two for Mr. Awesome and Dr. Malocchio to make their moves but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride.

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