Blindspot Review: “Bone May Rot”


Kyle’s Review

Another week of Blindspot and we get another plot to destroy the world—or at least a large portion of the human population. Blindspot might need to ease off the throttle just a hair or else its viewers may get fatigued. Don’t get me wrong, “Bone May Rot” isn’t a bad episode by any stretch but there’s only so much world in peril we can stand before we cease to suspend disbelief. Take a page from Arrow season two, Blindspot, and give us a villain that has a slow burn, allowing the story to build up to a maniacal plot to destroy the Earth. Blindspot could be getting us there soon—I hope.

As for “Bone May Rot,” this week’s clues from Jane’s body were pretty clever. I don’t want to spoil anything here but the moment at CDC headquarters was a nice touch. I also liked the reason for why these bio-terrorists would unleash incurable diseases on the populous, even though the reasoning is a little old hat: there are too many people on this Earth and Mother Nature can’t support them all. And the recurring characters—many are still unnamed or their names are seldom mentioned—are gaining some depth. There’s some sexual tension between the African-American male agent (I guess his name is Edgar but I had to check IMDB) and the Latina female agent (Tasha, according to IMDB). Tasha has some additional issues—I won’t spoil them either. And then there’s Ashley Johnson’s Agent Patterson—I actually knew her character’s name without checking IMDB—may be in some hot water with the higher ups. She shared a scene with her beau, a puzzle nut, where she divulged files from the team’s classified mission. If you served a second in military intelligence, you’d know she’d be making little rocks out of bigger rocks if her supervisor caught wind of Patterson sharing secrets with a civilian, and Patterson reeks of stink.

Despite the massive suspension of disbelief needed for Agent Patterson’s side story, I enjoyed “Bone May Rot,” but I’m left wondering how Blindspot intends to update the info on Jane’s body. Chuck had a built in method of updating the intersect: upload intersect 2.0 into Chuck’s brain. But who would spend the time and money to knock out Jane Doe, laser remove her tats, and give her fresh ones? I don’t know but I’m sure they’d have to be one sick son of a—I guess we’ll have to keep watching for the big reveal.

Oh, and the last few minutes of “Bone May Rot” may have dismantled everything built between Agent Weller and Jane Doe. Okay, maybe not. Blindspot hasn’t done too good of a job hiding Jane Doe’s true identity and the final minutes use a hokey plot device to throw viewers off the scent. I’m not buying it.

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