iZombie review: “Zombie Bro”


Kyle’s Review

Liv ate some frat boy’s brain this week and she developed a nasty case of the “bros,” bro. I’m serious, bro. Every other word out of her mouth was bro, bro, so “Zombie Bro” is a great title for this week’s iZombie episode…bro. It’s hard to stop once you get started—bro.

Anyway, iZombie took a break from the usual take down Max Rager arc and spent some time in Blaine’s World whenever it wasn’t marinating in Liv and Major’s strained relationship. The marinade of choice was a massive kegger for Liv, while Major and Ravi tripped balls on Utopium. The two threads led to some hilarity but the humor was undercut by what Liv and Major have kept and are keeping from each other. Ravi may be conducting a scientific experiment—yeah, right—but Liv and Major are running from their problems.

“Zombie Bro” could’ve taken the easy route and made a frat boy the perpetrator of the crime but it went in a different direction: a son avenging his father’s death at the hands of a drunk driver. This added another layer of substance abuse to this episode and substance abuse awareness was the real message iZombie left its viewers. We may not have seen the last of this message either as Major was left alone in his room taking another hit of Utopium.

iZombie had the best season premiere of all the comic book based shows on the CW and its streak of strong shows continued with “Zombie Bro.” I loved how comedy undercut the serious topics touched in this episode but at the same time, humor didn’t cheapen the points iZombie made.

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