The Awesomes Review: “The Awesomes Reloaded”


Kyle’s Review

“The Awesomes Reloaded” takes on a superhero trope by having a villain hypnotize the team and create an alternate, utopian reality for each team member: Prock is a cop and a hero, Frantic is a high school track coach and respected, Impresario is an artist, and Concierge is a librarian. Okay, that last one’s a little off but Concierge does like a place for everything and everything in its place so she’s down with the Dewey Decibel System.

It’s fun to see The Awesomes in different roles and the roles The Awesomes choose for their characters work on a comedic level. But what makes “The Awesomes Reloaded” well worth the watch is that it doesn’t skimp on the ongoing story arcs. Perfect Man still prefers Prock and company to the new Awesomes, Livewire and Prock’s impending parenthood takes center stage with a new extended family member learning the good news, and the villain behind this episode’s whole mess is none other than this season’s big bad.

In short, everything worked with “The Awesomes Reloaded,” The Awesomes are well on their way to another solid season.

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