Arrow Secrets: May 15, 2015


The Plane Plan

Perhaps the reason why Ollie’s original plane death plan was the most realistic is because that’s what happened in Green Arrow #101. An environmental terrorist group – not the League of Assassins, even though they’ve been accused of being an environmental terrorist group in the past – rigged a bio-weapon to fly via helicopter above Metropolis. Ollie infiltrated the group and killed himself by setting off the explosives too high to harm anyone.

He Failed this City

Ollie’s father said that on the lifeboat but this might be the first time – timeline-wise and in the flashbacks – where Ollie uttered those words himself (about General Shrieve).


Adams & O’Neil

This isn’t the first time this street corner was mentioned in Arrow, because Neal Adams and Dennis O’Neil were the artist and writer behind Green Lantern/Green Arrow. I hope the Lantern makes a cameo in one of these shows. He doesn’t have to show in too many episodes, I’d take one or two appearances.


Damien Darhk

H.I.V.E.’s leader is primed for his role as Arrow season four’s big baddie and “My Name is Oliver Queen’s” story focuses on him for a while. Bring on the Darhk.


Off the Board

H.I.V.E. members used the phrase “Off the Board” as if they were somehow connected to Checkmate, a covert ops agency within the DC Comics Universe. I wonder if the group John and Lyla startup will be named Checkmate. Maybe. Amanda Waller has ties with Checkmate so there’s a link with one of Arrow’s characters and I wouldn’t mind some of Checkmate’s members making cameos on the show.


Laurel: The city’s under attack.
Captain Lance: Must be May.

Nice one, Arrow. Nice one.

Speedy TheaAsSpeedyArrow


Hey, Thea embraced the Dearden part of her name and we had an official Speedy sighting this week.

You could say that Arrow has been building up to this since the pilot because of Ollie calling her Speedy and all of those archery trophies in her room. It’s funny how Ollie never mentioned his sister’s knack with a bow and arrow while he was on Lian Yu. Maybe it was Thea’s skill that made Ollie think he could be an archer.

You’ve become someone else.
You’ve become something else.

Ollie’s said that in the opening monologue for three years and it looks like Felicity’s been listening.


A Female Atom

Felicity wasn’t the first woman to don the Atom costume but she is the first to do anything good with it. There was Atomica during DC’s Forever Evil crossover series and as the series’ name implies, she was evil through and through, and Ray’s ex used his power belt to commit murder in Identity Crisis. Yeah, I think we needed a positive female Atom for once.


Coast City

Wow! How can you mention Coast City this much and not have a Green Lantern cameo on a show about Green Arrow? Coast City looks like it’ll be the location for Arrow season four’s flashbacks and then we had the Ferris Air test pilot mentioned in this week’s Flash. (Here’s our link to our Flash secrets page.)


Triton’s Daughter

The Triton’s Daughter was the name of the ship that would bring Ollie to Coast City and Arrow had a suspiciously long camera hover on the ship’s name that it can’t be a coincidence. Triton is part of the Greek Pantheon, so he has ties to Wonder Woman, and he’s also a sometimes adversary to Aquaman.


Red Arrow

Thea called herself Red Arrow in an off-the-cuff remark but this is the name Roy Harper took when he wasn’t Arsenal. Red Arrow is also the name that Oliver’s son Connor Hawke uses in Earth 2.


Palmer Shrinks Like a Case of Ray-roids

In the comics, Atom can shrink himself down to microscopic size and we saw him tinkering with the unstable White Dwarf Star in his belt that allows him to do so, which in turn, caused an explosion that destroyed the Palmer Tech building. That last part was odd (the building exploding) but I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t find a microscopic Ray, who has survived months in his new state, for the spinoff’s pilot. (Here’s our write up on the Flash/Arrow Spinoff.) These months spent at the size of an atom could be Ray’s Lian Yu.

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