The Flash Review – “Rogue Air”


Kyle’s Review

This week’s Flash, “Rogue Air,” was an odd one. As the name implies, the Rogues made another appearance and they added to their roster, just like the comics, but these new recruits escaped from their prison (the particle accelerator) in a manner I didn’t see coming and that was a good thing.

I thought that since the Reverse-Flash had freed one of the prisoners, he’d just free the rest of them – he had access – but he used Barry’s desire to save everyone against the do-gooder. The Reverse-Flash turning on the particle accelerator (last week) would kill the prison’s residents if they were still in their cells once the device came on-line, so Barry had to relocate them. Unfortunately, the Flash trusted Captain Cold – of all people – to help him contain these meta-humans. In short, the plan didn’t work and I’m left wondering why Barry would trust Snart.

Barry’s mind had to be shifted to neutral on that one and he didn’t listen to Detective West, who told him not to do it. I guess we all make mistakes, but this was a big one, Barry, and you added Snart and his monotone monologues to the screen.

I don’t know why, but Wentworth Miller’s Snart annoyed me more this episode than in previous ones. Perhaps it’s because I know he’s getting his own spin-off series (here’s a link to our take on the new Arrow/Flash spin-off) or maybe the ever increasing gravity of The Flash/Captain Cold sequences brings out Miller’s inner Super-Ham. I don’t know but slowing down your speech doesn’t make you sound more sinister/intelligent; it makes you sound daft. That’s why I gave the credit to the escape plan to the aforementioned Reverse-Flash.

Speaking of the Reverse-Flash, we saw a great action sequence between him and a trio of heroes: the Flash, Firestorm, and Arrow, who doesn’t explain how he got to Central City from Nanda Parbat or how Ray Palmer could’ve designed a specialty arrow to stop the Reverse-Flash while he was in a coma. But let’s not quibble about semantics, that was some good eye candy but the resolution for the heroes was so quick and clean that Wells must have something up his sleeve for next week’s Flash finale.


“Rogue Air” took some odd turns but it set up The Flash’s season finale well.

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