Arrow Review – “My Name is Oliver Queen”


Kyle’s Review

The title for this week’s Arrow, “My Name is Oliver Queen,” was prophetic. Sure, it showed up in dialogue but the entire episode got wrapped up in a nice little bow: Ra’s was defeated, the accident that turned Atom into a hero in the comics happened, a new Ra’s assumed control of the league, and we’re left with a scene where Ollie can be Ollie. Frankly, it was too neat. Don’t get me wrong, I liked seeing Ollie happy at the end, but this felt like this was the end of the series instead of Arrow getting renewed for another season. Maybe it’s the mark of the Arrow 2.0.

I won’t spoil anything more than I’ve already spoiled but I bought Ollie’s original plan of dying along with Ra’s. His second plan, while preferable to him dying, wasn’t nearly as plausible as the first, and the third plan required an even larger leap of faith, in terms of suspension of disbelief.

Still, we got a lot of great action and saw Ollie happy for the first time. I’m not sure most people know the exact moments when they’re truly happy—that’s more of a Hollywood thing. Happiness usually dissipates before we realize we were happy in the first place, but it’s nice to see Ollie smile. Hopefully, this will lead to Ollie becoming more light-hearted.


Despite having to take several leaps of disbelief, Arrow’s season finale “My Name is Oliver Queen” finished well but it begs the question, when does the other shoe drop?

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