Arrow: Kapiushon


Jim’s Thoughts

“Kapiushon” is going to make me sound like a complete Grinch. I honestly don’t have any positives to offer. It has a lot of the same old issues, but with the added problem of turning Oliver Queen into Dexter Morgan. For those who never saw Dexter, it’s a show about a crime scene investigator who deals with his psychological issues by finding people who escape justice and killing them. I really don’t think the writers understand how these flashbacks are changing the character and making him an impossible figure to root for.

The show has been stealing Batman’s struggle with his “no kill” rule for several seasons, so this episode never even had the chance to offer something new. It’s exploration of “morality” is tired here, and it bored me.

I could go on, but it’s more of the same. If this show is going to be a Dexter clone, I’ll just leave it at this. I quit watching Dexter about three seasons in.

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