Legion: “Chapter 7”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Chapter 7” was another stellar episode of Legion. This is the cure for the common super hero show. I should’ve seen where the show was headed, there were plenty of clues, and Legion gave David’s parasite a name: Amahl Farouk. Farouk is better known as Shadow King.


I should’ve recognized that face. I read my cousin’s New Mutant comics at the pool house. I should’ve recognized the obese monster as Farouk/Shadow King.

I’ve always liked the Shadow King. Yes, he’s another overpowered X-Men character, but he served as a good foil for any and every psychic powered mutant, and that may be why I don’t view him as that overpowered. The reason Farouk targets psychic powered mutants is because he lives on the astral plane and can’t take physical form unless he possesses a mutant host, which is exactly what Farouk does in Legion.

Farouk was the first villain Professor X faced. Prior to his tussle with the Shadow King, Charles Xavier didn’t think any mutant would use their powers against mankind. So, in an odd way, Shadow King was responsible for the X-Men. He hasn’t been portrayed in a live-action show or film because most live-action X-Men stories reside on the physical plane. Ah, but David and Oliver can travel the astral plane. Legion is a perfect show to introduce the insidious Shadow King.

Okay. Maybe “insidious Shadow King” was too Stan Lee. Anyway, Legion shook up Shadow King’s origin. Farouk started as Professor X’s enemy. That stayed the same. (Yes, there was a hint at Professor X in “Chapter 7.”) He resurfaced in The New Mutants (the comic that first featured Legion) but he targeted a powerful psychic mutant Karma. She had the power to project her consciousness into another person, a power similar to the one David’s girlfriend Syd has in the show. It wasn’t until the 90s when Shadow King turned his attention to David, and they’ve had plenty of showdowns on the astral plane since.

I probably said too much about Shadow King; there’s plenty more to discuss. The moment when Cary rescues Syd from her slumber and wanted to share his and Oliver’s escape plan was rushed, but in a good way. Having psychic powers, Syd questioned her surroundings in “Chapter 6.” The rushed dialogue was a nice touch of levity. Speaking of levity, any scene with Oliver is a fun scene, and he stole plenty of them this week. It was a great character moment for Melanie Bird waking up to her husband preparing breakfast and telling stories to the other mutants; she yearned for that moment of normalcy, even if it was short lived.

There are so many other moments I could add, the least of which is David’s lecture with his rational self, but I don’t want to include too many spoilers. Legion could have a lot of fun with Shadow King in future seasons. I could also see the show go a different direction. Regardless, Legion is appointment television. Too bad there’s only one more episode left this season.

Season’s Take

Legion has done an amazing job this week. It took me a while to recognize Farouk as Shadow King (I was reminded) but he’s one of the few X-men villains who poses a challenge for David. He’s an excellent choice.

When David was discussing with his rational self how Farouk entered his mind he mentioned that his father was the mutant in his family who defeated Farouk. It’s odd how he came to that conclusion with nothing to go on. I’m going to give him a pass since it’s a minor detail.

Oliver making a reappearance in “Chapter 7” made for some fun moments. I found myself laughing when he was talking with Cary and sharing stories. He has a way of lightening the mood.

There were many incredible moments in “Chapter 7” this week. I’m looking forward to the eighth and final episode of Season 1 next week.

Thanks for reading.

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