Kyle: Writing

It may not look it, but I write more than JK Geekly articles. I continue to work on trios of flash fictions (triplets) that are told from three different viewpoints or different manner of storytelling. I wrote two this week and edited another three. I’m even pitching a collection of these stories to various publishers. I’m expecting my rejections any day now.

I’m also gaining ground on a novel that uses a similar approach to the triplets. It’s trippy, but hopefully it’ll make sense. I’m sure Jim will let me know one way or the other after I finish modeling this clay.

Kyle: Games

Play test. Play test. Play test. I play tested a lot of the Blackjack deck builder “No Jack” and I finished a first draft of the rule book.


“Wildflowers,” a tile placement game where players make one flower the most dominant, will be off for some more blind play testing soon. Thanks in advance, Drew. A blind play test is where gamers play by reading the rule book; most early play tests have the designer teach the game to players.


“Wildflowers” is also out to a couple of agents and game companies, and we’ll see what that’ll bring. Again, I’m expecting my rejections at any time.

That’s all I have for today. We’ll be back tomorrow and the rest of the tomorrows this week with some brand-new content. Be kind to one another and stay geeky.

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