Top 5 TV Shows for February 2015

We’re trying something new for the month of February’s Top 5 TV shows. We’re waiting until the month is over so we can get a better idea of which shows deserve the top spots. Without further ado, here’s our Top 5 TV shows for the month of February.

February was an odd month for Television because of Amazon Instant Video’s pilot season and as a result, we have a lot of usual shows that make the top 5 just missing the cut. Arrow and Constantine didn’t quite make it. Agent Carter fell shorter than them but enough about the shows that didn’t make the list, let’s get to the ones that did.

5) Grimm

Grimm squeaks in at number five. Oddly enough, this season of Grimm has suffered from a lot of the same issues as the show it beats out for the number five-spot, Arrow, but Grimm has done a better job recovering. It started the season with more story arcs than a rainbow and started whittling down the arcs, leading to a more cohesive month of television. The Juliette as a Hexenbeist arc works and I’m gaining interest with Adalind’s return to Portland and the magic baby, but I’m not sure if Grimm has or hasn’t peaked too soon. Time will tell, but I could see Arrow switching places with Grimm in the not so distant future. Then again, I waited for Arrow to overtake Grimm the entire month of February and it didn’t.

4) Mad Dogs

Our first of two Amazon pilots, Mad Dogs has an impeccable cast. I loved the direction and writing too as you could feel the slow boil emanating from the screen. I only place Mad Dogs this far down the list because I don’t know how to classify it. I know the show runners want to start a new television series, but this pilot felt more like a movie cut short. I felt like I would’ve gotten all the time I needed with another thirty minutes to an hour and don’t see how the creators could’ve stretched out the story for an entire season. Despite this shortcoming, Mad Dogs is excellent television and a must watch.

Note: Mad Dogs just got picked up for an extended series, so we’ll get more episodes toward the end of 2015 and into 2016.

3) Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers falls farther down our list mostly because there weren’t that many episodes this month, I think there were more viewable minutes for the Mad Dogs pilot than there were for Bob’s Burgers, and the episodes that did air ranged between very good and okay, a far cry from earlier in the season. Still, Bob’s Burgers holds onto its top three status by showing us just enough of why it’s the best sitcom, animated or live action.

2) The Flash

Like Bob’s Burgers, The Flash hasn’t been as good as it was earlier in the season, but The Flash was liquid magma hot earlier this year. The month of February saw the Firestorm story arc play out as much as it probably will this season and developed characters that needed it. Character development is the reason why The Flash takes our second spot. We should see the Rogues make another appearance and hopefully we’ll see full on Grodd too. I consulted my Magic Eight Ball, and it told me that we can expect another good month of Flash TV in March.

1) The Man in the High Castle

Ridley Scott bringing a Philip K. Dick novel to the screen hollers great television, and The Man in the High Castle didn’t disappoint. If you ever wondered how our world would look had the Axis powers won World War II, The Man in the High Castle will give you a glimpse. Like Mad Dogs before it, this Amazon pilot has a great cast, direction and writing, but it has more of a story to tell. We’re left with more questions than answers. As if showing us an alternate reality of a United States as the Greater Third Reich wasn’t enough, The Man in the High Castle introduces the mysterious, titular character who can see other realities, specifically ours, and creates movies showing what could be, can be or will be.

Check out this video of the contraband newsreel:

I have higher hopes for The Man in the High Castle than I do for Mad Dogs but both series—and the excellent docu-series The New Yorker Presents—got picked up for extended series and we can see them battle it out on-screen in the coming months.

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