The Flash Secrets Page: April 3, 2015


The Young Trickster

Axel Walker is a teenage creep who came down with a bad case of villain worship. He doesn’t have much of a moral compass in the comics and might have Daddy issues too. Axel was created by Geoff Johns (also co-creator of The Flash) and Scott Kolinsin and debuted in The Flash Vol. 2 #183. How would he have turned out if he had a father?


The Elder Trickster

Mark Hamill reprised his role as the original Trickster from the 1990’s The Flash TV series. James Jesse had a circus background and first appeared in print in 1960. Not only is he one of The Flash’s Rogues, he’s also a member of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, but this isn’t the first time Johns brought the two Tricksters together. They joined forced in Rogue War.


That 90’s Reunion

We mentioned a while ago that John Wesley Shipp, Barry’s dad Henry in this version of The Flash, played Barry Allen and The Flash in the 90’s TV series. Then, we just mentioned that Mark Hamill returned as The Trickster, but they aren’t the only ones from the 90’s TV show in this episode. Vito D’Ambrosio played the ambitious young cop Officer Tony Bellows in 1991 and it looks as if he’s risen to the position of mayor. The Tricksters crashed Mayor Tony Bellows’ benefit.

My sources say that Amanda Pays should return as her 90’s character, The Flash’s love interest Doctor Christina McGee, in next week’s episode. Too bad the team couldn’t fit her in this episode. We could’ve had an even bigger 90’s Flashback.

52nd Street

Both The Flash and Arrow have tipped their hats to DC Comics’ New 52 several times, so is it any wonder that The Flash searches for The Trickster’s bomb on 52nd Street in this week’s episode?


The Flash’s Costume in this week’s Flashback

This might be my eyes playing tricks on me, but there might be a white outline to The Flash’s lightning bolt insignia during this week’s flashback. This season’s Flash costume doesn’t have that outline, so this could be the show saying that Barry’s trip to save his mother happens in a future season, or I might need to get my eyes checked.

More Costumes

Many of this week’s props, including the classic Trickster’s costumer, came directly from the 90’s series, or they’re really good replicas. Even the trench coat John Wesley Shipp wore when he’s out of prison matched the same one he wore when he tore through his clothes as The Flash in the nineties.


Cisco used Felicity-caliber to describe a computer wiz’s handiwork. We should all use this as a term now.

Two Big Developments

The Flash vibrated through solid matter: super cool.

In fact, here’s a picture of Mark Waid’s (one of The Flash’s long-time writers) reaction to seeing The Flash’s good vibrations.


The Speed Force got mentioned by name: not-as-cool.

If you read our review, you’ll know why we’d say that. If you haven’t read our review of The Flash, check it out here.

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