The Awesomes Review: “The Final Showdown”


Kyle’s Review

The Awesomes finished their third season in typical fashion: someone on the team—usually Prock—needs a pep talk, the team bands together to defeat the season’s big bad, and next season’s baddie is introduced in the final few seconds of the show. This season’s finale was clearly an issue of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but that’s not a bad thing. The biggest issues I had with “The Final Showdown” were that there weren’t many funny moments and several character story threads were dropped.

The lack of comedy—in terms of an Awesomes season finale—is nothing new for the show’s formula. The Awesomes tend to ease up on the comedy when it comes to a season’s final two episodes (the Writers Room concentrates on wrapping up villainous loose ends) and yet “The Final Showdown” felt like it didn’t have as many jokes as prior season finales. Nothing could top Mr. Awesome (Prock’s dad) turning evil at the end of the second season, so sorry, next season’s big bad. The Awesomes also brought up some powerful story threads and dropped most of the character-driven stories in order to fight the season’s big bad. In other words, “The Final Showdown” fell short.

I’m still interested in The Awesomes’ fourth season but don’t tease me. Continue to question what makes a good man, show the Awesome family grow, and remind us Livewire’s pregnant. Seriously, for the better part of four episodes, it’s as if Livewire wasn’t even in a family way.

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