Blindspot Review: “Sent on Tour”


Kyle’s Review

Blindspot skipped most interpersonal relationship arcs in this week’s episode “Sent on Tour” for the puzzle and crime/mystery. I don’t want to spoil anything here, but the puzzle wasn’t as clever as weeks past, stopping or solving the crime involved cutting through red tape than anything else, and while it’s okay to put character plotlines on the backburner, you can’t eliminate them. With the exception of Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Patterson (Ashley Johnson), I didn’t get the sense anyone on the team knew anyone else most of this episode. Guest star Lou Diamond Phillips gave a great performance as he’s oft to do, and I enjoyed—for the most part—Patterson getting busted.

I won’t concentrate too much on the negative—it’s the usual Blindspot gripes of wooden acting and stiff dialogue anyway—so let’s get to the good stuff. Phillips portrayed another emotionally scarred veteran, turning against his country or at least his former unit—I’m sensing a theme here, Blindspot. Unfortunately, Phillips’s character and the issues he caused did little but reveal Mayfair (Agent Weller’s commander) as a liar.

Patterson and her beau got caught compromising top secret information. While I liked the proverbial excrement hitting the fan, nothing came of Patterson’s indiscretions. She voiced concerns about losing her job, but when classified information is concerned, you’re lucking you don’t make smaller rocks out of bigger rocks. I laughed every time I heard Patterson worry about her job. The FBI also let David (Patterson’s boyfriend) go real quick. I don’t buy it. The feds have to at least monitor him, and I’d prefer the FBI threaten David (to bring back tension), but I think they’ll hire him. While hiring David makes little sense from a national security standpoint, I’d be down with it. David solved most of the puzzles anyway and he makes Patterson human.

While I think last week’s “Cede Your Soul” left Blindspot in a better place by episode’s end, “Sent on Tour” had enough going for it that it kept my interest. Thanks for reading.

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