Grimm Review: “The Grimm Identity”


Kyle’s Review

“The Grimm Identity” went in several directions. Some worked, while others fell flat. I enjoyed how the show started. Cut scenes made us question Nick’s mental state and flash backs reminded us of what happened last season. The combination of these two storytelling elements lead me to question whether or not Juliette is dead. Grimm wouldn’t kill off one of its principle characters. Would they? A “dead” Juliette in a Snow White inspired coffin suggests not. Despite these great developments, I don’t see why Grimm felt the need for Nick to puke expositional dialogue. Even though we saw visions of what happened last season, Nick sped through all the plot threads again but he spoke so quickly, I couldn’t catch half of what he said. And I don’t buy the exchange between Hank and Nick (Nick’s upset and Hank thinks he’s speaking gibberish). The flashbacks and cut scenes were enough. A shorter exchange would’ve worked.

The rest of “The Grimm Identity” spent time forcing the Nick’s crazy angle—even though we know he’s not—and his mission to track down Trubel. I don’t want to spoil anything here but Nick jumps out of the fire and into the lion’s mouth. We may have had a rocky ride getting somewhere during “The Grimm Identity,” but Nick’s story arc got to a good place. The rest of Nick’s gang question whether it’s a good thing Juliette died (which was fitting and Grimm didn’t dwell too long on it). Renard had scenes opposite the rest of the cast and we find he’s suffering from the fall out of his turn as Jack the Ripper last season, an arc no one asked for. Before “The Grimm Identity” committed to Nick looking for Trubel, Adalind gives birth to her and Nick’s daughter. I rolled my eyes when I heard there were complications during childbirth.

Why do comedies play up whether or not folks get to the hospital and/or change the number of babies born, while dramas have complications during childbirth? Grimm explained what happened well enough but hearing this cliché took me out of the story for a moment and also got me wondering if we’d see a supernatural baby with powers. I hope not.

Grimm has plenty to work with this season and the parts of “The Grimm Identity” that worked outnumbered the ones that didn’t. Still, Grimm sputtered as it got in gear. I’m sure next episode will make more headway.

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