The Awesomes Review: “Seaman’s Revenge”


Kyle’s Review

The Awesomes’ return marked the beginning of Fall TV, and “Seaman’s Revenge” was a great way to kick off things. The overarching story for The Awesomes’ third season will be Prock’s superhero dad Mr. Awesome turning to the dark side. We didn’t get a lot of face time with the man who gifted The Awesomes with his surname but we saw enough to get that story rolling. The majority of this episode revolved around another former Awesome, Seaman, and let the endless fish and semen puns commence.

We did that on porpoise. You got to keep Seaman’s skin wet; I hate it when Seaman gets dry. Don’t be shellfish. When Seaman wasn’t on my back, Seaman was in my face. Yeah. This episode, guest starring SNL alum Andy Samberg as Seaman, runs those puns into the ground. Many of the jokes land but some stank like three day old fish. Okay, that’s our last pun—maybe.

It’s difficult to avoid spoilers, while discussing “Seaman’s Revenge,” but I’ll try to scale back the spoilers. I lied; there’s another something fishy. The gang gets captured for an underwater Land World amusement park, and cue the ubiquitous Black Fish-like documentary. The only team member not behind glass is the dense Muscle Man, who ditched the team to get with a mermaid. This isn’t your usual mermaid: her bottom is human and she has a fish head. The Awesomes reference that combination of mermaid as making more sense, anatomically speaking. I takes Muscle Man watching the entire documentary to figure out that his team needs his help.

Everything turns out okay in the end and we’re left with a great lead in to The Awesomes’ second episode. I don’t want to give away anything else prematurely – oh, another Seaman reference; that one was totally by accident – but let’s just say I have high hopes for this season.

Verdict: The Awesomes’ third season looks to have a more cohesive story arc, which is a great thing. As the trailers alluded, we should see reoccurring themes of heroes turned villains and vice versa. “Seaman’s Revenge” was a great kick off to the Fall TV season.

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