The Awesomes Review: “Villain-Tine’s Day”


Kyle’s Review

Love is in the air. It’s Valentine’s Day in the middle of September. Seriously? Someone needs to hand The Awesomes a calendar. Mr. Awesome begins his plan to undermine the current Awesomes. I love how he had to google “How to be Evil.” I won’t lie. I had to google that search term, too. I don’t plan to do anything with the knowledge. I just wanted to know what Google would bring me.

Anyway, “Villain-Tine’s Day” is another enjoyable Awesomes episode. Prock and Livewire’s relationship gets put to the test as does Impresario’s young love with Madame Hunchback. I don’t know how he’ll balance his lady love with his momma. I had actually forgotten he had hooked up with Madame Hunchback, so it was nice to see a callback from season two.

I can’t say much more without spoiling the entire episode but The Awesomes has started an ongoing gag of Muscle Man falling in love with odd things, and Mr. Awesome’s plan is going off without a hitch. The one person who knows he’s turned evil, the villain turned hero Doctor Malocchio, has forgotten his mission of warning The Awesomes. He’s on his own journey that’s sure to take some bizarre turns.

Verdict: “Villain-Tine’s Day” builds on a solid beginning to The Awesomes’ third season. We only have eight more episodes left, so bring on the running gags. We can take them.

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