The Arrow Secrets: February 6, 2015

Ted Grant took to the streets as Wildcat. Too bad it didn’t go well. Wildcat made his first appearance in 1942 in the same issue of Sensation Comics #1 that also introduced us to Wonder Woman. Since his introduction, Wildcat has been a part of the Justice Society as the one who trains the members in hand to hand combat.

Rumble in The Glades
This week’s episode drew inspiration from the comics. Only that time, Green Arrow and Brick fought side by side. I guess Felicity was wrong. Arrow will work with shady characters to get the job done.

The Outsiders
This wasn’t mentioned by name, but Green Arrow and Katana have been members of The Outsiders. I had to smile when Katana waxed poetic about her swordcraft. She does that sort of thing in the comics.

Red Streak
This one was kind of obvious if you watch both Arrow and The Flash. One of Brick’s men asks Arsenal, “Are you that red streak I’ve been hearing about?” That’d be a no. Red Streak was Flash’s nickname before you declared himself The Flash.

Captain Lance mocks Arsenal’s name, “What are they, just picking names out of a hat now?” Fans have been saying the same thing about the show as Arrow has switched his name between Speedy, Arsenal, Red Arrow, and just Roy Harper.

And speaking of Roy Harper as the other archer, the idea that Lance knew who Roy was all the time and just withheld it is similar to what many fans think of Batman and Jim Gordon’s relationship.

Who is David Maclean?
If you looked closely at the Starling City Sentinel that mentions the murder of Merlyn’s wife, you’ll notice that the reporter’s name is David Maclean, who died during the Undertaking. But the coincidences don’t stop there. The character in the show was named after a storyboard artist who works on Arrow and The Flash.

Are they using the same dialogue?
If it sounded familiar when Tommy told Oliver at his mother’s funeral that, “I don’t want her to be an angel, Ollie. I want her to go back to being my mom,” it should. Caitlin recently said on The Flash that she didn’t want Ronnie to be a hero, she wanted him to be her husband.

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