The Flash Secrets: February 6, 2015

Peek-a-Boo, we see you
This week’s episode of The Flash introduced us to the meta-human Peek-a-Boo. The show called her Shawna Baez, but comic fans know her as Lashawn. Even though she’s considered a villain, her crimes revolve around helping the ones she cares about. The Flash knows this and being the great guy that he is, often tries to intercede on her behalf.

Meet Dr. Firestorm?
Ronnie hasn’t been himself because he’s sharing brain space with Dr. Martin Stein. Firestorm often has his two personalities talk with each other. It’ll be interesting to see if we get some of these monologues. Or are they dialogues?

Meet Linda Park
She was rather forward, but most DC Comics reporters are. In one DC Universe, she married The Flash, but The Flash she married was Wally West, not Barry Allen. Conversely, Iris West was the one-time wife—depending on which reality to subscribe to—of Barry Allen. We don’t know if Linda Park is an attempt to further complicate Iris and Barry’s relationship, or if she’s a real suitor for Barry.

In other news, Linda Park joined a television program named The Scene—which was similar to the real-life The View—and she cohosted the show with Vicki Vale (of Batman fame), Tawny Young (who covered the Green Lantern Corps), and Lia Briggs (a.k.a. The Looker from the Outsiders: see our Arrow secrets page for more Outsiders info).

Alligators don’t live in the Sewers…
Gorilla’s do. Are we a week closer to Grodd?

“Faster than a Speeding Bullet…”
Nice reference. (Wink-wink.) (Nod-nod.)

Cisco has the Vibe
Jim mentioned Vibe in his review, and it bears mentioning that in the comics, Cisco harnesses sonic waves to fight crime as Vibe. But Vibe is a metahuman. I’m not sure if Team Flash intends to change his origin or if they want Cisco to just be Cisco. They’ve already said that they’ll take it cool approach with Caitlin Snow as Killer Frost (more on her in a bit), so we may be at least a season or two away from full on Vibe.


Interesting note: comic legend George Perez left as the JLA artist because of Vibe. He said in a 1985 interview with Heidi MacDonald that, “I have a certain bigotry towards Vibe…I sincerely say he’s the one character who turned me off the JLA. If nothing else, every character that was introduced was an ethnic stereotype.” Perez so hated the character that when he drew the JLA/Avengers crossover and every member of both teams had to be depicted at least once, Vibe’s cameo was just of his legs as he fell off panel.

I hope Perez enjoys this rendition of Cisco. Carlos Valdes’s portrayal of the character adds some much needed depth and he doesn’t come off as an ethnic stereotype.

Caitlin Snow’s as Cold as Ice
Like Cisco, Caitlin Snow is more than she appears. In the comics, she’s the latest person to assume the mantel of Killer Frost, but while most Killer Frosts were outright villains, Caitlin Snow’s Killer Frost has a more tragic reason for hurting others. She’s a heat vampire.

Dr. Snow is a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist sent to Outpost #72 in the Artic to work on a thermodynamic engine. Long story short, she gets trapped inside the engine, and she rips off the coolant system, which then merges her body with ice. After the accident, Snow needs to feed on the heat of others in order to live, and eventually she discovers that Firestorm’s blasts can temporarily heal her condition, so she clings to Firestorm for obvious reasons.


I like how The Flash gives Firestorm and Snow a past prior to them getting their powers. This eventual symbiotic relationship they’ll share should feel more organic. But fans may have to wait a couple of years before this happens. The Flash’s producers have already said that, “they want Caitlin to be Caitlin for a while.”

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