Jim’s Week in Comics: February 4, 2015

Well, there’s a bit to talk about in the world of comics these days. This week, the new Velvet came out, and I continue to enjoy the vintage feel of the book, the solid–if somewhat familiar–characters, and the never-disappointing art. One thing Brubaker continues to do so well is tell a complex story while managing to keep his word-count in check. That’s something that’s irked me about Scott Snyder’s writing on Batman. He is so wordy, so exposition-heavy that Capullo’s art is covered in word bubbles.

Speaking of Batman, the new issue dropped last week, and the revelation about Joker had me pretty upset. I won’t mince words. There’s the possibility that this will prove to be another of the character’s ploys, but if DC lets this stand as canon, I think it will be an unforgiveable mistake that changes the character and surrenders the interesting dynamic he’s shared with Batman over the last three-quarters of a century.

I will say that issue #2 of Star Wars was another very solid entry, and I’m now convinced to add the title to my pull file at the comic shop. The characters are rendered near to perfectly, their voices come through in the writing of the dialogue, and I even think they’ve managed to us C3PO effectively, as his speech patterns are actually conducive to delivering exposition.

You may have heard about the changes in Superman. If you haven’t seen the costume changes yet, I can tell you they’re somewhat overblown in the press. The changes are actually pretty minimal, which is probably for the best, as a radical change to the look of the character would probably not sit well. As for the new power, “Super Flare,” it’s explained in typical, ambiguous comic-book-science terms, but the whole close to the Ulysses arc felt rushed. There wasn’t nearly enough build-up or pay-off to the debut of the new power, but I can at least say I’m not whole-heartedly against it.

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