Supergirl: “Resist”


Kyle’s Thoughts

“Resist” used a lot of buzz words. I can’t remember them all and I’d rather not get too political her, but there were plenty of politically charged buzz words. As a result, this episode took the CW’s poor dialogue to new levels. The president’s an alien? I hope she’s still a democrat. There were plenty of other things to dislike about this episode but before I get to them, I’ll cite the one thing I liked about “Resist”: Cadmus returned.

Supergirl used the tired trope of a villain (Cadmus and Mama Luthor) teaming up with a hero to stop a mutual enemy, but “Resist” kept Mama Luthor true to her character. She’d take her chance to stop Kara as well as Rhea. It may have been an obvious twist, but it worked. The show bringing back Cadmus gave the first half of the season meaning. Without bringing Cadmus back into the fold, Supergirl would’ve orphaned the season’s two halves. I guess I should’ve seen Cadmus’s return coming but I didn’t think the show had any time left to reintroduce them. I should never underestimate the CW’s knack for having characters drop by announced.

Speaking of which, Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) came out of nowhere to deliver the speech that gave this episode its name: Resist. She just happened to be flying with the President of the United States (Linda Carter) when the Pres took on Rhea. Sure. Cat kicking it with the President at the time aliens invaded Earth makes sense. And that brings me to the biggest sticky point with this episode. Where is the future Justice League?

It’s been confirmed that Supergirl exists in the same universe, timeline, and reality as DC’s cinematic universe. That means Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, and Aquaman reside in this storyline. We know what happened to Supes (I won’t spoil it for you here) but that still leaves five other superheroes who’re at home, washing their tights—presumably—while the President confronts an invading alien army.

I get that Supergirl wants to keep its male cast to a minimum but the Wonder Woman movie is coming out in two weeks. Does it make too much sense to have a cameo from the lead of the upcoming DC superhero movie? Or at least have some mention of Wonder Woman.

I could go on but I’m tired of talking about Supergirl’s shortcomings. “Resist” had plenty of flaws but it did an okay job of setting up a final confrontation—no matter how many plot holes the episode created in the process—and the episode ended in a decent place.

Warning: the following is that Superman spoiler I avoided earlier.

Superman has been mind-whammied by Rhea. “Resist” ended with Supes standing by her side. I don’t like the superhero versus superhero trope, but Jim hates it. If you press your ear up against the device you’re reading this on, you can hear Jim sigh.

End of Superman spoiler

Thanks for reading.

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